Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The aim of this Cookies list is to provide you with an understanding as to the types of cookies we use on our site.

We have tried to cover all cookies in this list that we or our technology partners use. Please be aware that there may be a delay in updating this list. If you do notice any discrepancies please be sure to contact us and let us know.

First Visit Cookies

Five cookies in total are sent to your computer on first visit:

  • _utma

    This cookie is used so that we may see how many unique visitors come to our site based over a period of time.

  • _utmb

    This cookie is used to determine the visitor session times on our sites. Each time you visit a new page on our site, the cookie is set to expire within 30 minutes. If it does not find an existing cookie, a new one is created.

  • _utmc

    This cookie is used in conjunction with __utmb to determine visitor sessions. Unlike __utmb this cookie does not have an expiry date, it determines whether a new session should be created based on whether you have previously closed your browser, re-opened it and come back to the site.

  • _utmz

    This cookie is used to determine the type of referral used by each visitor to arrive at our site. The cookie determines if the user has come directly to the site or via a search engine, email or email campaign. We use this data to understand how our users arrive at the website.

  • fe_typo_user

    This cookie is used throughout the website to maintain your session prior and after logging in.



    These cookies are used to support our online ticketing and checkout process. The cookies are session-based and are used to remember your details as you proceed through the payment process.

  • cookie_test

    Used to confirm that your browser is able to accept cookies.


    This cookie is a ‘session cookie’ that keeps you logged in.

  • messagingsessid, toolkitsessid, catalogsessid, ptsessid

    ‘Session cookies’ that keep you logged in.

Last updated: May 2012

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