How to get involved

How to join the Forever Family

There are two great ways to join Forever! Becoming a Forever Business Owner gives you the opportunity to build a business and build an extra income by purchasing products at a 30% discount, and then selling the products to others. As a Preferred Customer, you will get 5% off all purchases for personal use. Explore both options below and select how you want to experience Forever.

Forever Business Owner

By purchasing the Start Your Journey Pack, you will receive a collection of Forever’s most popular products and key literature. You will also achieve Assistant Supervisor status on Forever’s Marketing Plan and receive a 30% discount on all subsequent orders.


Forever Preferred Customer

As a Preferred Customer you'll get 5% off all future purchases, and be part of our exclusive club of insiders that will get updates on new products, promotions and news before anyone else.


Business Owner Support UK

Tel: 01926 626 629



Business Owner Support IRL

Tel: 028 28 262018 / 048 28 262018


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