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What can you expect with the new DX4 body balancing system?

DX4 Day 3: Discover 

The schedule for Day 3 is different to Days 1 and 2, incorporating healthy food and starting the day again with three Forever Therm Plus tablets and water and the Forever Plant Protein shake mixed with non-dairy milk.  I switched to Oat milk today to see if it affected the flavour, it didn’t. I was ready to have something substantial this morning and the shake hit the spot.  Mid-morning it was time to take the two Forever DuoPure tablets with water and a Forever Sensatiable chewable tablet. I am looking forward to some real food today, and in the afternoon it was time for a big green salad, there are lots of suggested ingredients for what this can look like, and I made the salad with a host of different green leaves, spinach, and watercress with a quarter avocado and chickpeas, plus two radishes (woo hoo). It felt good to be consuming food, who knew that green beans were so tasty? It made me think about the times I eat food on the go while moving around without consciously savouring it.  

The remainder of Day 3 is the same as the previous days; 330ml of Forever Aloe Vera Gel and the Forever Multi Fizz with 240ml of water in the mid-afternoon, and the Forever Plant Protein shake, Forever Sensatiable tablet and Forever LemonBlast with water in the evening before bed. 

The theme for Day 3 is Discover and I am further becoming aware of how little I consciously appreciate my food.  Sometimes you have to lose something to have renewed appreciation and I am making a note to myself in my journal to eat more mindfully once the programme has ended.  How will I do that?  Well, I shall stop eating on the move, eat more slowly and without distractions of checking messages or listening to music. I will finish my mouthful without loading my fork up for the next. 

I am staying motivated by reminding myself that I am halfway through the programme now. At this point we are encouraged to make a list of any obstacles that could potentially hamper our quest to live a healthier lifestyle going forward and I set time aside to really focus on this.  By identifying these it helped me to think about the potential workarounds and solutions. It’s the old, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Social life is a big one for me, breaking habits along with fatigue. 

I know I am not resourceful when tired and don’t make good choices around food then.  I didn’t meet any particular challenges on Day 3 although the programme suggests that you may feel a range of emotions such as boredom, tiredness, or discouragement.  I was feeling lighter and healthier by the end of Day 3 and felt excited about making a turning point in my lifestyle. I was feeling calm and focused.

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