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The world is your gym

Every year when this new season rolls around, we see what feels like all of our friends on social media, joining up to the gym or starting their post-festive-season diet. But you don’t have to go to the extreme to feel healthy, and let’s be honest, if you don’t ease yourself in, there’s more chance that you’ll burn out quickly.

A great way to gently introduce yourself to a fitter way of life is to start looking for small exercises you can do during your daily routine. So, to help you get in the swing of it, we’ve put together some suggestions of how you can use the world as your gym:

Park in the farthest space in the car park
If you drive into work on auto-pilot every morning, perhaps it’s time to start considering your parking spot. It doesn’t matter how big the car park is, because the steps will add up if you’re doing it every day. Plus, you’re likely to find that there’s less competition for the bays!

Wall sit while the kettle boils
Whatever your hot drink – a strong black coffee, an Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea or a hot Forever Bee Honey and lemon – they all require waiting for the kettle to boil which can often be wasted time. Well, not anymore. Use that time to fit in a wall-sit until the kettle completes its purpose.

Lunge on the stairs
You’re probably already taking the stairs instead of the lift, but have you thought about taking them two at a time? If you find this difficult at first, try alternating between one and two steps at a time on each new flight of stairs.

Carry heavy shopping bags
Ditch the trolley on your way back to the car and grab those bags yourself! Make sure you have a similar weight bag in each hand for this one, otherwise you may find you’re putting too much strain on one side of your body.

Squat in the ad breaks
TV ad breaks can often be wasted time, where we lounge about on our phones waiting for the show to start again. So, why not try doing 5-10 squats each break to fill the time instead?

Make full use of the train platform
When you’re waiting for a train, don’t just stand there, get active! Take a walk along the platform before your train arrives.

Do some tricep dips on your chair before you eat
Sitting down to dinner? Pull your chair out a bit further and do some tricep dips before you eat. Five to ten should be enough, depending on your ability.

Use everyday objects for bicep curls
When you next grab the milk out of the fridge for your brew, try doing some bicep curls with the bottle. You can do this one with loads of objects around your home, from your full Forever Aloe Vera Gel carton to a bag of sugar (just make sure it’s fully sealed)!

Walk to talk to people
Instead of calling your colleagues to chat, go and speak to them in person. It doesn’t matter how short the journeys are because the steps will soon add up!

Be helpful
We all have that friend who cheekily asks for someone else to go and get them something. Well, why not be that mate that gets up and helps. Being more active is step one of being fit, and you’re making a friend happy in the process!

There really are opportunities to be more active wherever you look, you just have to find what works for you! These simple adjustments in how you see the world are certain to help you to #beresolute this January. Do you have any suggestions for how to use the world as a gym? Share them with us in the comments below.

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