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Spring clean your skin with Kristina Rihanoff

With spring just around the corner, here at Forever Living we’re not only excited about the weather changing but it has also got us thinking about how we can switch up our skincare routine. Earlier this week we spoke with Forever Ambassador and professional dancer Kristina Rihanoff, a huge advocate of Forever’s skincare products and the proud owner of a radiant and healthy complexion. Kristina regularly uses Infinite by Forever and the new products that have been designed to target specific skincare needs, but we wanted to find out what she enjoys most about spring and how she uses these products to prepare her skin for the season that’s fast approaching…

  1. What do you love most about spring?

Although it doesn’t feel much like spring at the moment, I’m most looking forward to the sunshine, the flowers blooming and the feeling of new beginnings. Spring is also a time to think ahead about the summer season; I’m looking forward to holidays and spending quality time with family.

  1. How do you adjust your skincare routine for spring?

I don’t tend to adjust my skincare routine for spring too much because I take care of my skin and apply SPF all year round. The only thing that does change is the level of SPF I use on my skin. I like to increase the amount of SPF from 20 to 30 so that my skin is protected even more.

  1. What is your advice for maintaining good skincare habits?

My advice would be to make sure to moisturise morning and evening but also to remember to exfoliate – this will give you smoother and fresher-looking skin. Some people only exfoliate once a week, but I like to exfoliate two-to-three times a week to help rejuvenate my skin.

  1. How does your skin change within the seasons?

Obviously, my skin is a lot dryer in the winter months because of the cold outside and the heat inside. I have also been on tour for six weeks which means lots of heavy makeup which can dry my skin out further. By maintaining a good skincare routine and using the whole Infinite by Forever Advanced Skincare System, I am able to combat any skin concerns I have.

  1. Would you say that to achieve healthy skin for spring it starts from the inside?

I 100% believe this! I turned vegan last July so have been consuming lots of fruit and vegetables which I truly believe has helped improve my skin from the inside. Along with the vitamins I get from the fruit and veg, I also have been taking the Infinite by Forever Firming Complex supplements. These contain vitamin C, biotin and collagen and I definitely feel as if the supplements have helped my skin.

  1. How do the new products that target specific skin complaints complement your skincare routine?

Since my teenage years I’ve suffered with itchy and sensitive eyes and it’s always been challenging to find a suitable eye cream! I have since discovered the Awakening Eye Cream and I must say it’s fantastic and a product I highly recommend.

I have also been using the Smoothing Exfoliator. This has been great because it’s gentle enough to use frequently and I do think exfoliating should be an essential part of any skincare routine.

  1. Do you like to tone your skin after cleansing?

Absolutely! The new Balancing Toner really helps to remove any makeup traces left around the nose and ears and is nice and gentle on my skin before I moisturise.

How are you changing your skincare routine for spring? Let us know by commenting below.

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