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Seven Tips to Make the Holidays Healthier

It’s well-documented that Christmas is a time for indulgence, but the parties, sweet treats and merriment can be a real struggle if you’re trying to stay healthy. Well, they don’t have to be. There are plenty of small swaps and changes that you can make to your usual holiday traditions to help you stay on track. Here’s a few of our best tips for making the holidays healthier:

  1. Use less fat in your Christmas roast
    This one is quite self-explanatory: cut your usage of oil and butter. Although it’s easy to find recipes for roasted vegetables and extravagant buttery sprouts at this time of year, the healthiest way to cook your vegetables is to boil them. Chances are, you’re not going to notice that missing butter anyway once you’ve covered them in gravy.

  2. Replace Christmas sweets with Christmas fruit
    We’ve all been there – as the days of advent slowly count down, the boxes of sweets pile up. It becomes easy to graze on food simply because it’s there in front of us. So, why not swap the chocolate for a healthier sweet treat? Fill your fancy bowls with dried cranberries for a natural dose of sugary goodness and we can guarantee you’ll feel a lot better about those little overindulgences.

  3. Snack before you arrive at the party
    Let’s face it, party food is generally not healthy food. But that feeling of dismay when you arrive at the beige buffet can be avoided if you grab yourself a healthy snack before you set off. It’s much easier to control what you’re eating when you’ve prepared it yourself and you’ll have no problem turning down the canapes and crisps at the party if you’re already well-fed.

  4. Use less salt in your food
    Excessive amounts of salt in your diet can increase your blood pressure. As salt is one of the main seasonings we use in our food, this can seem like a challenge. The best way to reduce your salt intake is to substitute it with other herbs and spices. These will give plenty of flavour to your food without you needing to reach for the salt shaker.

  5. Skip the indulgent coffee and cake combos
    Next time you’re contemplating purchasing that sugary cake and festive hot drink from a high street coffee shop, consider swapping both for a warm cup of chocolate Forever Lite Ultra. Simply mix one scoop with your favourite hot milk or water and enjoy. It’s filling enough to stop the hunger pangs, luxuriously chocolatey enough to replace the festive drink, and it’s the perfect cosy treat for those long winter evenings.

  6. Get out and about
    When it’s cold and dark outside and oh-so-cosy inside, it can be very tempting to while away the hours just lazing on the sofa. However, it’s important to get some fresh air and exercise, not just for your physical health, but your mental health as well. Why not suggest a festive walk to the family or even offer to walk the neighbour’s dog? Your body and your mind will thank you.

  7. Get some rest
    It can be hard to get your full seven to eight hours sleep every night anyway, but it gets even harder over the festive period. With parties to attend, presents to wrap and preparations for the big day, often sleep can take a back seat. However, getting enough sleep is essential to help you fully recuperate from all the action. Lack of sleep over a prolonged period can also disrupt your immune system, leaving you less able to fend off colds and flu. So, make sure you take some time out to get some ZZZ’s in.

The festive season is a time to celebrate, not a time to deny yourself all the yummy treats and indulgences that everyone else is enjoying. That’s why small changes are the key. If you make a few of these small changes, you’ll find the holidays a breeze.

What are your best tips for staying healthy over the holidays?

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