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Marcus Leach – Three Grand Tours

Over the Summer, Global F.I.T. Ambassador Marcus Leach successfully completed two of the toughest bike races the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. This year alone Marcus has cycled over 11,000km during two tours and training. Marcus has proudly been riding the exact same route as the professionals, just one day in front of them.

His final leg of the three grand tours is the Vuelta a Espana, which starts on Friday 18th August and finishes in Madrid on September 9th. The race is 3324km long, and takes over 21 days with just two rest days. Whereas before he rode as part of a cycling team, for Vuelta he is going to be riding alone but with the support of his family, in full Forever Living kit. If Marcus successfully completes this cycling challenge he will make history by becoming one of only 39 professionals that have ever completed all three in the same year!

Marcus will be filming a video diary throughout Vuelta, so if you would like to follow his journey and see him achieving his goals, you can do so either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We wish Marcus the best of luck!

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