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Life after F.I.T. – The challengers

At the beginning of October 2016, four brave Forever Business Owners volunteered to take part in the new Forever F.I.T. programme which was launched at December’s Success Express. The challenge consisted of a fifty-four day fitness and nutrition plan which began with our famous C9, followed by the three levels of the new F15 programme. Each level varies in intensity so that the programme can be adapted to suit the user’s current fitness level, but the four challenges all agreed to work through every stage of the programme.

The challenge was no mean feat, and all of the challengers admitted to finding it incredibly difficult at times. However, their hard work and perseverance certainly paid off! By day fifty-four, all of the challengers had experienced phenomenal results from the programme, both physically and mentally. We caught up with two of the challengers to see how they were doing two months on from the programme, and whether or not they have managed to maintain their healthier lifestyles…

Jason Yates: Since finishing the Forever F.I.T. challenge I've continued to take Argi+. I think I'm one of its biggest fans now! I'm still following the principle of F15 by counting my calories (although I think I'd manage without counting now) and exercising very regularly. The Forever F.I.T. programme gave me the light bulb moment I needed and has encouraged me to get and stay healthy. I prepare my meals in advance, organise my workouts and I’m inspiring lots of others to take stock of where they're at with their nutrition and exercise. I think it might be time to take some more pictures. I can honestly say I feel fantastic!

Shaun Cooper: Since completing the fifty-four day Forever F.I.T. challenge I have continued with the great habits I created such as structured nutrition and supplementation, staying hydrated all day and getting the most out of each and every single workout. I would say, along with Argi+, that the other supplement I now take regularly is Forever Garcinia Plus. Until I started using this product consistently, I never understood the benefits – I wouldn't be without it now! The other thing that I now do is cook from scratch. It has even been said that I make the best tasting healthy meals using all natural ingredients! This has become a new hobby of mine and again it is so valuable when looking to achieve or sustain that ‘healthy-body healthy-life’ mentality.

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