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Infinite by Forever Skincare Trial Results

We decided to put Infinite by Forever’s anti-ageing properties to the test, so during March, a cohort of Forever customers aged over thirty were invited to trial the Hydrating Cleanser, Firming Serum, Restoring Crème and Firming Complex for a period of thirty days.

The hardest part for many was the seven-day ‘wash out’ period ahead of the trial where we asked participants to use only Forever’s Avocado Face & Body Soap and no other skincare products. We also asked that they keep makeup to a minimum and preferably foundation-free. For many this was bordering on traumatic, especially as we asked them to come to Forever’s Head Office for the pre-trial photoshoot completely bare-faced! A huge thanks to everyone who went outside their comfort zone and fully embraced the trial.

Once the seven-days were complete, participants started to use the cleanser, serum and cream twice a day, also taking two of the supplement tablets daily. At the end of the thirty days, everyone was invited back to Head Office for their post-trial photos as well as a ‘thank you’ pamper including canapés and bubbles, a massage, makeup and lifestyle photoshoot.

Participants completed a survey post-trial and the results* have proved impressive with 82% saying they saw a marked improvement in their skin’s smoothness, 77% reported an increase in skin brightness and 64% said their skin was firmer. More than half said that they had seen improvements in the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

We also had some great feedback: Jade said, “I love the products, they feel so light and are absorbed so easily leaving my skin feeling moisturised. Following the trial my skin feels amazing and it looks so much brighter since using the products.”

Jan added, “My skin feels amazing and it’s so much smoother than before – that’s a big improvement in my book!” 

Have you tried Infinite by Forever? Let us know how you got on by commenting below. 

 *Statistics correct at time of post

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