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How to reduce stress in the run up to Christmas

It might only be November, but the festive season is fast approaching, and with it, all the stresses associated with this time of year. From hunting for that perfect present, to preparing a sumptuous feast for family and friends, this time of year can leave you feeling stressed and tired. But rest assured, help is at hand. With today being National Stress Awareness Day we have compiled a list of handy tips and ideas to help you reduce stress so that you can relax and enjoy the run up to the festivities.

Get outside

When there is a gale blowing and the skies are grey, getting outside can be less than appealing, but a long walk in the brisk autumnal air can be just the thing to clear your head, and step away from stress. Get the whole family involved and embrace the festive magic with a walk around the Christmas lights, or indulge your senses at a traditional Christmas market; the perfect place to pick up tantalising treats, home-made delights, and hand-crafted presents for those last-minute gifts.

Baking: easy home-made gifts

Baking is not only said to be very therapeutic; it is also a great way to stock up on some easy, cost effective personalised gifts. Simple recipes like Cherry Bakewell Truffles created with our Forever’s Bee Honey are a fantastic festive treat and a great way to add that personalised touch to your gift-giving. Find some of our favourite recipes here.

Stop for a sip

Whatever your mood, there is nothing better than a hot cup of tea. Herbal teas are a great way to relax your mind and re-energise your body. With warming notes of spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, fennel, allspice and clove, mixed with fruity tones, the aromatic blend of autumnal spices in Forever’s Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea will awaken your senses and leave you feeling comforted and relaxed.

Extra vitamins

Spending the festive season rushing around from one task to the next can mean that your immune system takes a hit. Stress can manifest itself in the form of a weakened immunity, leaving you susceptible to catching those pesky winter bugs. Give your immune system a boost with our Forever Immublend. This blend of nutrients and natural botanicals is high in vitamin C, D and zinc, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Take some time for you

‘Tis the season for giving, so make sure you don’t forget to give something back to someone very important: you. A bit of pampering and relaxation works wonders to de-stress and refocus your mind, so why not turn your bathroom into a luxury retreat? Enhance your experience by cleansing your body with our Aloe Avocado Face & Body Soap which leaves behind a scent of freshly-picked citrus. Plus, the richness of the avocado also helps dry skin feel smooth thanks to beneficial vitamins like A, C and E.​

Hopefully these handy tips have given you some inspiration on ways to reduce seasonal stress and enjoy the festivities. Let us know your favourite ways to unwind by posting in the comments section below.

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