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How Exercise Can Improve Your Life

When talking to people about why they exercise, the answers are often the same; I’m trying to lose weight, I need to get beach body ready, I want to look good in my new dress. With fitness models dominating the social media scene, celebrity workout plans splashed across the front pages of magazines, and weight loss videos circulating the internet; the world has become fixated on exercise as the latest lifestyle beauty hack. However, although it’s certainly true that exercise can help you become slimmer, and more toned, there are in fact significantly more benefits to working out.

To celebrate National Fitness Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest benefits exercise and our weight management products can bring to your life; proving that a healthy fitness routine can not only transform your body, but also your entire self.

Increases Your Happiness Levels

If you’ve ever struggled through a gym session, you’ll be all too familiar with that smug feeling you get every time you finish a particularly hard circuit. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than completing and conquering a difficult workout. But there’s actually more to this elation than simply feeling smug you were able to make it through another cardio session without collapsing. When you’re exercising, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine which triggers the feeling of happiness and joy within your neural system. It’s this chemical that gives you that addictive feeling of elation and excitement which hits you every time you leave the gym. Elated on the natural high of life; exercise is the ultimate feel good hobby to help keep you smiling through the week.

Improves Concentration and Brain Power

Not only does exercise have a positive impact on your outward appearance, but it also works to improve and strengthen your mind. When you're powering through a tough exercise regime, your body interprets this as stress, and reacts accordingly by releasing a protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (commonly known as BDNF). This substance works to calm and sharpen the mind, and is the body’s way of helping you focus and remain alert. As a result, working out can be utilised to help you increase brain power and productivity; making it the ultimate bodily life hack tool.

Strengthens the Immune System

Though it’s an accepted fact that exercise is ‘good for the body’, no one particularly questions as to exactly what makes it such a miraculous activity. In reality, not only does exercise help strengthen muscles and reduce build ups of harmful bodily fats but it also works to strengthen your immune system and better improve your health. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of many illnesses and chronic diseases, particularly regarding those concerning the heart. This is because, when you’re working out, your body releases HDL, commonly known as good cholesterol, which keeps your blood clear and pumping smoothly throughout your body. This means that your heart is kept strong and healthy, whilst illnesses such as heart disease are kept at bay. On top of this, there’s also evidence to suggest that exercise can protect you against even some of the most common of illnesses, by clearing air passages and lungs of harmful bacteria, and keeping your body toxin free.

Improves Sleep Levels

An early morning yoga session, a refreshing swim, an evening jog; even ten minutes of these activities can work to drastically improve your sleep pattern, and help you enjoy the perks of a relaxing night’s sleep. By strengthening the circadian rhythms through your body, exercise allows you to stay alert and vibrant during the day, while simultaneously allowing your body to relax and unwind more quickly in the evening. Creating a pleasant and comfortable drowsiness, frequent exercise increases the quality and length of people’s sleep; whilst allowing them to feel refreshed and active throughout the day.

Live Longer

The greatest secret to life longevity; many studies have shown that an active and fit lifestyle not only improves people’s quality of life, but also increases life itself. By keeping blood levels healthy, the brain alert and the body strong; exercise has been proven to drastically lengthen people’s lives. By working out for only a few hours a week, you could potentially be changing the course of your life; keeping diseases at bay and both your mind and body youthful and active.

Increases Self Confidence and Worth

Though exercise may be great for the body, perhaps its greatest benefit is simply the way it can make you feel. Studies have shown that even without seeing ‘results’, people’s confidence and sense of self worth dramatically increase with a healthy workout routine. In a society where people often are often made to feel inadequate thanks to the unachievable media standards of beauty; it’s great to see that such a simple thing as exercise can break through these falsities. Simply by spending a small amount of time each week working out, you will soon start embracing and seeing yourself as the beautiful person you are.

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