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Family festivals around the world

Wilderness Festival - Oxfordshire, UK 4th – 7th August 2016

Wilderness Festival, in my opinion, epitomises everything a festival should be: incredible musical and artistic talent, challenging seminars, a wide selection of activities (most laced with a sense of adventure), and an agenda that utterly embraces the splendour of the English outdoors. This festival literally offers something for everyone; whether creative or academic, an adult or a child (or child-like), an explorer or someone who loves to relax, Wilderness Festival will not disappoint.

Awa Odori - Tokushima, Japan 12th – 15th August 2016

Experience something a little different and book your flights to Japan in time to witness one of the largest dance festivals in the country. Performers wear traditional obon dance attire as they flock the streets, chanting and singing with a wonderful array of traditional and familiar instruments. Prepare yourself for a truly colourful experience. tokushima-awa-dance-festival

Darwin Festival - Darwin, Australia 4th – 21st August 2016

This eighteen-day festival is a celebration of music, theatre and the visual arts and the majority of the performances are free. Feast on multicultural food, served from bamboo food stalls, in a truly beautiful city located in Northern Australia. The vibes embedded in this festival speak of love, community and fun.

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