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Blown away by business by Melissa and Rhys Buckley

For the last thirteen years I have worked in hair salons, and although I have always been passionate about my work, I really struggled working the long hours on a very low income. My husband, Rhys, is a music producer and travels the world, which he loves, but this meant we never had that time together as a family.

We have a little girl, Maiya. She is six years old, but working all week and weekends meant I missed out on lots of those special moments when she was growing up. Deep down I was looking for a change; I wanted to be the mum at home and the mum at the school gates, not the mum who was missing her growing up.

I had never heard of Forever before and it was by chance that I saw a friend’s Facebook status inviting us to her first product launch.
I was due to get married so at that time I was looking for the extra income to help pay for our wedding, and I was intrigued, so I went along to find out more. Within ten minutes I was mesmerised by the business and the products, and I knew it would be an exciting venture for me and my family.

The last two years have completely blown me away and most days I have to pinch myself. I sacked the boss after five months of building my business – just a week before our wedding! We have qualified for Forever2Drive, Eagle Managers’ Retreat, Global Rally and Chairman’s Bonus. It is also such an amazing feeling to know we are helping our team to achieve their goals as well. We have an outstanding team who inspire me every day and they all mean the world to us; we feel so lucky to be working with each and every one of them.

I’m very grateful to Tracey and Chris Munro for showing me this fantastic opportunity. They have been a rock to me from day one, and, not only have they given me the opportunity to change my life, but they have also helped me every single step of the way – they are fantastic mentors. I’ve gained so much as a person, my confidence has grown, I've met friends for life all over the globe, and it’s given me the chance to think big and dream bigger. I’ve set some huge goals, ones that I never even thought would be possible! I’m excited for my future and my team’s future, and being able to share this journey with such inspiring, like-minded individuals is the best feeling in the world.

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