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45 reasons to start a Forever Business

To celebrate #Forever45Years, we asked 45 of our fantastic Forever Business Owners why they started their journey with Forever and what it means to them.

Here’s what they said. We hope you find it inspiring to read on such a special Forever anniversary.

What Forever means

1. “I love being in charge of my own schedule and not reporting to a boss.” – Monica Lavric, Former Accountant

2. “Now I’m in my late forties, I have never been more confident or happy than since I started my Forever business and gave up my traditional job.” – Janine Price, Former Transportation Business Owner

3. “I am finally doing something ‘for me’. And it is totally my thing.” – Eileen Daly works her Forever business alongside a demanding role in the energy sector

4. “It’s incredible to me that life can feel different in less than two years and that a box of products could be the start of such big changes. I feel empowered and in charge of my life.” – Anjali Nagpal, mum of two and former Biology Teacher

5. “After years of being out of the job market and the breakdown of my marriage, Forever was a lifeline for myself and my children.” – Aine French

6. “I have been able to reduce my nursing hours to four days a week.” – Wendy Shannon

7. “It takes time, but last month I sold products to 82 customers and made over £700 profit. This really makes a difference to our household.” – Martina Darling

8. “I’m not just a mummy or a wife or a teacher. I have my own business and I’m extremely proud of how far I’ve come.” – Zoe Carter, PE Teacher

9. “I’m amazed at the skills I have gained through running my business. Before Forever, I could not use a computer and only had a phone to make the odd call! Now, at 76, I’m pretty good at all the techie stuff and I pay for help when I need to learn something new.” – Ann, Former District Nurse

10. "I love the fact I work for myself and that my Forever business has really developed me as a person. I used to be scared of meeting new people when I was working in sales, whether that be over the phone or face-to-face. But now, it’s what I enjoy the most!” – Daiana, Former Optical Advisor

11. “Through Forever, we have made our lives secure. I have peace of mind and have let go of any fear in my life.” – Marion Fitzgerald, who celebrates 30 years with Forever in May 2023

12. “The unexpected benefit along the way has been how much I have grown over the past nine years. It’s amazing how a positive culture can inspire you as an individual. I’ve become comfortable presenting, helped to run training programmes and developed personal discipline in terms of goal setting.” – Steph Barnsby, who previously worked in Medical Recruitment

13. “When I look back and compare the ‘time freedom’ I have now and the choices I can make freely with when I was employed as an architect, it makes me so grateful and more determined to carry on.” – Ghazaleh Banani

14. “People often ask me whether it was difficult working the business alongside my full-time job. I suppose it must have been, but I can’t remember that because I have such a fantastic lifestyle now.” – Adam May

15. “We developed so much confidence through our Forever business that it has inspired us, given us the self-belief and the time to satisfy our love of interior design and create a stunning holiday rental retreat.” – Emma Leathert, Ireland

16. “I am a completely different person since starting my Forever business nine years ago. I am more confident and have overcome so many limiting beliefs about what I thought was possible for a ‘person like me’.” – Emma Smith, Former Personal Trainer

17. “With limited time, I focus on retailing via my social media as this is something I can do at unsocial hours and outside my working day. My retail income will then pay for a winter sun holiday.” – Kath, co-owner of a hot tub business with her husband

How Forever helps families

18. “My Forever income has allowed me to sponsor two children in Uganda for over fifteen years, help my extended family and have the time to embark on new interests – like triathlons and so much more.” – Diana Page

19. “I love being a full-time mum now to my four boys. I decide the days I want to work, and I decide how many hours I want to do. I’m there every day for school runs.” – Bernie Rafferty, Former Nurse

20. “Forever has allowed me to stay at home after my maternity leave.” – Steff Duborg, Former Teacher

21. “I knew absolutely nothing about running a business. It was the potential that excited me; knowing that other people (mums like me) were achieving full-time incomes working flexibly and part-time; knowing that I had all the support I needed to grow my business.” – Lisa Prescott, Former Police Detective

22. “Before Forever, I had no real structure; my life was determined by the airline roster that changed weekly. I now have control of my life; Forever has allowed me to be there for my boys unconditionally. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.” – Bettina Biazzo, Former Flight Attendant

23. “I feel free – that’s the best way to describe it. I won’t miss a thing with my children because I’m in charge of my diary. I’m not aware of another opportunity that would enable me the same work-life balance, lifestyle and financial security.” – Claire Massie, Former Teacher

24. “Having my daughter and partner around me all day is a blessing – and the flexibility that running my Forever business allows is a game-changer. I’m able to build an environment that encourages growth and development. But more importantly, one that teaches my daughter that life is about helping others, dreaming big and enjoying what you do.” – Hector Pradas

25. “My Forever income gave us a little bit of a cushion so that I was able to cut down on my hours during the summer months while the kids were on school holiday.” – Laura, Community Nurse

26. “I never thought I could inspire others, but I’ve developed mentoring skills. It’s impacted our family life too. My children see that you can plan out your life and you don’t have to just agree with what the situation is. Your dreams are valid.” – Sija, Former Nurse

27. “Through Forever, I hope to have more time to travel to see my family overseas and spend more time with friends.” – Daria, Police Officer

28. “Today, we enjoy a quality of life we did not even dream of. We have financial security and have created a legacy for our family. We have the time to create special memories with our children and grandchildren and make dreams come true.” – Chris Goldsborough, Former Corporate Director

29. “Being part of Forever has completely shifted my mindset and I feel excited about our future family life knowing that I am not stuck; that I can shape my own future and have the freedom and flexibility I crave.” – Mum of three, Aoife, who works in Accounts Payroll

How Forever helps prepare you for your future

30. “My Forever income funds my studies.” – Andile, former refugee now living and studying in Dublin

31. “I used my Forever income to offset my mortgage and have managed to pay it off eight years early.” – Sheila Masose, Oncology Nurse

32. “When my business stopped overnight during the pandemic, I was looking for a way to earn money to be able to maintain my personal pension contributions. It is therefore amazing to me that, for less than two hundred pounds, I could start a Forever business within a few days.” – Jan Oxenham, Fitness Professional who works her Forever business part-time

33. “When I graduate, I will have considerable University debt; running my Forever business around my studies and my other part-time role as an aesthetician is helping me reduce that.” – Hasti, Pharmacy Student

34. “Forever has a great network of leaders that teach you the skills required to build a consistent income over time and I’m now working significantly less hours than I was.” – Aimee, Mum

35. “Over the past 21 years, life has dealt me some curve balls and some challenges. Through the turbulence, Forever has offered me the stability to be able to navigate some major life upheavals. We cannot control life, but Forever can be relied on to provide a stable foundation. Forever is always here and, 21 years on, so am I.” – Toni

36. “Mum has given me the ultimate gift in willing me her business. Knowing I would be taken care of after she had gone, I know that gave her huge peace of mind.” – Felix, who inherited his mum’s Forever business

37. “After my husband’s health-scare, I knew I needed to step up to the plate to provide security for our daughter should the worst happen. Forever has given me the opportunity to provide that security. I have never felt more motivated or had a deeper knowing that I am exactly where I need to be.” – Amy Leach

Forever is always there for you

38. “It gave us time with our parents and it’s something we do together.” – June and Len Mullins, Retired

39. “The income makes a huge difference to my pension.” – Gina Mann, Retired Restauranteur

40. “My husband and I are enjoying a very different standard of retirement thanks to Forever.” – Dorothy Norris, Former Midwife

41. "Forever changed my life. It enabled me to give up my stressful work life and get some balance back. When life threw some challenges my way, including my marriage breaking down and family bereavements, it gave me the flexibility and time to recover. Forever is a constant; it’s always there for me.” – Arlene Fingland

Because Forever is a Family

42. “My journey with Forever has been financially rewarding and I certainly have the work-life balance I was searching for. But I’ve also created many friendships along the way. In fact, my Forever friends are more like family to me now.” – Philomena, Former Lawyer

43. “The confidence Forever has given me is amazing. There are so many people out there who don’t know how nice it feels to be part of such a great community.” – Jason Ward

44. “When you first start building a business, the focus is on earning enough money to keep a roof over you and your family’s head. Once you’ve achieved that, the desire to help other people really kicks in. More than anything, my passion now is to make a difference in other peoples' lives – and I know I can share what I’ve learned with others and help them create businesses too.” – Jayne Leach, a Forever Business Owner for over 30 years

45. “Forever is the most incredible company. And together, we are changing the lives of family and friends. We are all here for different reasons, but we’ve all got exactly the same opportunity and the same chance to succeed.” – Natalie Heeley-Shields

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