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Website Support Desk

Our Team at Website Support is here to provide you with help in accessing the FOREVERknowledge.info website. While the Forever Distributor Support Team is dedicated to answering your general Forever queries, at Website Support we will guide you carefully through the process of accessing FOREVERknowledge.info.
We are available Monday – Friday 9.30am to 5pm.

Technical Support

Please run the tests below to check your computer is set up correctly:

  • Cookies and JavaScript are required to make use of this website and so we have provided you with two simple tests: Should the cookies or JavaScript test fail, we have provided some support information under Difficulty Logging In? We are unable to advise on the setup of your computer — difficulties can arise from the configuration of your browser or some other piece of software e.g. firewall or virus protection. For this you may need to contact your local computer supplier.
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Difficulty Logging In?

We have had a few reports of people not being able to login to the site. While in some cases this was a misspelt password a few others were having problems setting up their computers. With the recent updates which may affect Internet Explorer you could encounter difficulties in logging in.

One possible solution is to download Firefox FREE from www.mozilla-europe.org.

Recommendations for BT users

If you are having problems accessing any part of the website, please read the articles below.

Submit a Query

If you have read the support information, and are still in desperate need of further advice, then please feel free to submit a technical support query.

If you have already submitted a query, you can access it below:

Please note we cannot answer any product or other Forever queries. We are simply here to provide you with assistance should you experience problems using the FOREVERknowledge.info website.
If you have any product or other Forever queries, please contact Distributor Support on 01926 626629, or for Subscribed members, access the online Ask Distributor Support service.

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