Navid Mansouri

Navid Mansouri

Country: UK 

Navid Mansouri is professional boxer fighting in the super welterweight category. Navid is rated as the 15th top welterweight boxer within the UK and 173rd in the world (source: He holds a record of 15–1.

Born in Rotherham, UK, Navid started boxing from an early age before turning professional in his late teens. Since his first fight in 2009, Navid has fought eighteen times professionally; his next fight is scheduled for mid-March 2016.

Navid has been a UK F.I.T. Ambassador for Forever since 2015. He proudly uses:

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Learn more about Navid and his journey with Forever by watching the video's below.


Navid Mansouri talking about how changing his mindset helped him recover from his boxing injury.


Navid Mansouri talking about his favourite Forever products.

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