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Your perfect winter skincare routine

Winter can be tough on your skin. We don’t just miss the sunshine because it makes everything look good – the lack of sunshine can make our skin tone feel dull, and all that cold wind and rain can leave us with dried out, flaky skin.

That’s where a solid skincare routine can come in to help combat some of those issues. Morning and night, day in, day out, looking after your skin is important. Follow this process for the ultimate look-better-feel-better routine…

Start with cleanser

A face cleanser is the first step to lay the foundation for the rest of your skincare routine. Using it in the morning will help to blow away the cobwebs (and any oils or dirt from your pillow) and freshen you up for the rest of the day, and at night it should work to remove makeup and the day’s stresses.

We have two face cleansers available: The mild, milky formulation of the Infinite Hydrating Cleanser is perfect for more mature skin, or those with particularly dry skin. If your skin is more normal-to-oily, you could try our Sonya Refreshing Gel Cleanser, which gives combination skin a thorough, gentle clean.

Buff the dead skin away

Exfoliating is always important, but you may feel the benefits even more in winter. Our Smoothing Exfoliator uses natural jojoba beads and bamboo powder to remove dry and dead skin cells, without harming the fresh skin underneath. Everybody’s skin is different, so try using this twice a week after your cleanser and increase or decrease the usage as you feel you need to.

Tone up!

No cleansing routine would be complete without a great toner, which helps to remove any final traces of dirt, and is the first step to hydrating the skin. Featuring a unique blend of aloe, seaweed extract, white tea and cucumber, our Balancing Toner will smooth skin’s tone and texture to leave you with youthful-looking skin.

Soak in the serum

A serum is designed to go on before a moisturiser to really give your skin a boost of hydration. Our Firming Serum also helps to target the signs of ageing with a clinically-proven, three-amino acid peptide that compliments the natural process of skin to increase firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Bright eyes to mesmerise

An eye cream should always follow your serum to keep the delicate skin around the eyes in tip-top shape. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with the Awakening Eye Cream.


The final part of a daily routine should always be a good moisturiser. Designed to replenish dry skin, our Infinite Restoring Crème is a moisturiser made for mature or naturally dry skin to help reduce the appearance of ageing. Our Sonya Soothing Gel Moisturiser on the other hand is perfectly formulated for combination-to-oily skin, which delivers moisture in a way which doesn’t clog skin.

Pucker Up

Your lips are especially susceptible to winter woes, at risk of cracking and peeling, and feeling less than lush. Using Aloe Lips can help to smooth and soothe chapped, dry lips with its mix of aloe, jojoba and three types of wax.

And our absolute skin saviours…

Even with a solid daily routine, your skin sometimes needs a little something extra to get it dazzling again – and that’s where a fantastic face mask can come in.

Our Sonya Refining Gel Mask is an overnight treat. Designed to be applied after your skincare routine and left on while you sleep, it helps to support balance by controlling oil and brightening the appearance of skin. Another option, for a truly luxurious pamper session is our Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask. This is an environmentally-friendly sheet mask, designed to fit the contours of your face to ensure every botanical penetrates fine lines and wrinkles, helping to combat the signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of redness.

It just so happens that you’re in luck! Our Forever Mask Experience Set offer is available until the end of February and it’s a terrific little bundle featuring our Sonya Refining Gel Mask and Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask packaged up in a smart yellow box. Not only that, but the set offers a great discount on the normal RRP of the two products – a sure way to get your skin glowing!



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