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Why Supplements Are Rising in Popularity

In recent years, health and fitness has become a big trend, especially when it comes to dietary supplements rising in popularity. We have all become more aware and conscious about our health and our physiques over the last few years, with many of us finding a new-found love of all things active. Millions of people across all ages, locations and backgrounds are embracing fitness around the world, with the desire to improve their physical fitness and wellbeing. Mintel research* has revealed that as many as two thirds (65%) of all adults took some form of vitamins or supplements either daily or occasionally in the last 12 months.

Social media; influencing millions

Social media is certainly a driving influence when it comes to self-betterment and fitness inspiration. It’s no secret that platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have increased the popularity of the health and fitness industry, with many celebrities and social media influencers introducing users to new fitness regimes and health supplements, highlighting the benefits that they have had on their own physical and mental health.

The beauty industry has welcomed health and fitness with open arms

It’s clear to see that the health and fitness trend is blossoming throughout the beauty sector. Products such as high SPF sun creams, face masks and cleansing products have become more popular, with people becoming more health conscious. Facebook and Instagram are inundated with videos of people peeling off purifying black charcoal masks. Influencers are posting videos of their workouts and healthy eating regimes, with the aim of giving inspiration to their followers. Health and wellness is at the forefront of social media - makeup trends are also incorporating the healthier lifestyle - with the latest desire to look more youthful, aspiring to get that all important glow and have that perfectly sculpted body all whilst having optimum fitness and health.

Millennials are more conscious than ever about their health

With every generation, they are conscious about specific aspects of their lifestyle affecting their health. For example, there has been significant focus on obesity for a long time - dieting stories are seen as inspirational, weight loss has become a narrative structure for a plethora of television programmes and the food consumed in the UK features a traffic light system in order to help us achieve a healthier lifestyle.

It’s fair to say that the population has been concerned with obesity for a while now. GP’s and health advisors are now suggesting ways to improve our health, further reinforcing that the nation is more health conscious than ever before. Still don’t believe us? We’ve changed from smoking to vaping, and around 2% of the UK’s population have chosen to live off a plant-based, vegan diet. Information is easily accessible on the internet and people are finding ways to get fit with a combination of fitness routines, diet plans and appropriate supplementation, proving that health is now a main priority.

Are supplements beneficial?

For years there have been myths surrounding health supplements and multivitamins, and this has been reinforced on mainstream television time and time again. However, if you are taking supplements alongside a balanced diet then there will be some incredible benefits.

Supplements and vitamins help your body replenish the necessary amount of dietary nutrients that it needs every day, alongside a balanced and nutritional diet.

Diet is crucial when it comes to getting the best vitamins and minerals - supplements aid this. Especially if a person is lacking when it comes to getting the correct nutrition, due to dietary requirements. The key is to ensure supplements are taken in addition to healthy diet choices and nutrient-dense foods. They should be taken with the right amount of exercise and sleep too, which most people forget about! Supplements are also known to be a good way to support your immune system, giving your body the nutritional boost it needs to work at an optimal level.

It is also proven that liquid nutrition is the most readily absorbed form of nutrition and is one of the reasons that products like Forever Living’s Argi+ which contains l’arginine is so popular to take before or after training, as when l’arginine is digested, the amino acid arginine changes into nitric oxide.

It’s no surprise that the nation wants to achieve new health goals but it can often be hard for many with a busy lifestyle, and with the benefits outlined above, it is easy to see why so many fitness enthusiasts turn to nutritional supplements in order to maintain optimal health.

Supplements are beneficial, but the key to vitamin and mineral success is a balanced diet, sleep and exercise. Before taking vitamin and mineral supplements, talk to your GP about your personal dietary plan.

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