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What can you expect with the new DX4 body balancing system?

DX4 Day 4: Dedicate 

The supplements and food intake for Day 4 is the same as Day 3 and I have found the DX4 programme refreshingly simple to follow and stick with. I should add that I haven’t had any social events to attend during these four days where there would have been the temptations of food and drinks. So be kind to yourself as to when you are going to do the programme; I suggest you choose a quieter few days so that you can properly invest the time in doing the mindset activities and not have to face those temptations. That said it is much bigger than not putting yourself in the way of temptation; rather it is about creating the time and space to spend with yourself and do the deep work on the mindfulness aspects including meditation and journaling. In this way you ask yourself powerful questions and some of the answers may surprise you around your motivations and your thinking.  Which brings us to Day 4 where the theme is Dedicate and the focus is mindset.  We are encouraged to think about the good habits we have introduced and want to continue after the programme. We are introduced to the nine attributes that constitute a growth mindset.  Why is that important you may ask.  Well, all change emanates from a growth mindset. If we have a fixed mindset then we think we are the finished article with a finite set of abilities, incapable of change, and we live by the mantra of ‘it’s just who I am’. The nine attributes of a growth mindset are non-judgement, patience, openness, trust, process-focused, acceptance, letting go, generosity and gratitude. The programme encourages us to look at each aspect and how we have experienced these over the four days and how we might develop these attributes further going forward. For me it’s to continue with good hydration, to be more grateful (i.e. when I’m eating to be fully present) and to reduce portion sizes. Patience is an interesting one and I have set a goal to develop patience for the changes to become fully integrated so that they are truly a part of my lifestyle and are habitual.   

I will be honest and say that at the start of the DX4 programme I was skeptical about the mindfulness aspects but in truth I have found those to be really powerful in terms of exploring my relationship with food and how I am going to live my life going forward. In contrast, when we embark on a weight management programme, we are usually completely focused on the end result i.e. the weight loss, and then hopefully we may, or may not hang on to some of the good habits. With DX4 I feel that in just four days both my resolve and motivations are stronger than ever to continue to further develop a healthier lifestyle and this has surprised me.  I’ll give you an update in a month’s time but for now I feel great and am filled with optimism about installing and continuing with even better lifestyle choices going forward. 

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