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What can you expect with the new DX4 body balancing system?

DX4 Day 2: Define

 It’s amazing how quickly we humans adapt to change.  I got up this morning and didn’t even think about my coffee.  This came as a surprise as this is an established routine of 30 years that I genuinely thought was part of my DNA.  I had slept reasonably, though not without waking, you may not know that menopausal women (lucky me) are the most sleep deprived sector of society (even more than new mums apparently), so I will be monitoring this over the coming days and nights to see if there is an improvement in this area. 

I spent around 30 minutes doing some meditation and journaling around the theme of today which is Define.  This involves drilling down into more detail about my focus from day one, which if you remember was hydration, and developing more awareness around my thoughts and behaviour around food. 

The programme suggests that we define specific goals.  Many of you will be familiar with setting goals around your retail activity and business building, and understand the power of setting SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.  

The hydration goal was simple to define, as this activity is part of the programme; I will drink 2 litres of water every day. I decided to support myself by setting up a series of reminder alarms on my phone.  The awareness goal around my thoughts and behaviours around food proved more of a challenge, so I decided that I would commit to journaling for 10 minutes morning and evening about my thoughts and feelings, and adding a 10-minute meditation visualising myself making healthy choices throughout the day.  I decided that as a result of my journaling, by the end of the programme I would have developed a mantra/affirmation that resonates with me and that I can easily remember and recite to myself on a daily basis. 

I had deliberately not weighed myself at the start of the programme.  It’s so easy to become fixated on the changes on the scales as a measure of success, and I decide that this was not a reliable indicator.  Rather, I wanted to focus on how this programme made me feel. For me it was not about weight loss, it was about being able to make lasting changes that would, as a by-product over time lead to becoming leaner and more energised.  

 The schedule for Day 2 is the same as Day 1. I notice that my temptation spot is around 5pm when today I entered into a pizza fantasy, to support myself I chomped down on a Forever Sensatiable and a glass of water, temptation resisted.  I am developing discipline, I don’t have to act on my thoughts around cravings, instead I acknowledge the thought and sit with the feeling and find it passes surprisingly quickly. I rounded off the day with my Forever Plant Protein shake and the Forever Lemonblast sachet with water, proud that I’d completed Day 2. 

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