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What are people saying about aloe vera?

Using products containing natural ingredients has become a hot topic of late, and that’s because advancements in science are identifying hugely beneficial properties tucked away within the fruits and flora that decorate our earth. Aloe vera is one of these miracle plants and although it is one that has been recognised for centuries already, its status as king of the succulents is a title it will uphold for as long as it graces this planet! If you’re yet to discover the outstanding benefits of aloe, just read these comments below on what people are saying about aloe vera.

“I have studied aloe vera since 1980 and I think aloe is a miracle plant. The more I research aloe vera, the more I love aloe vera.”


“I was first introduced to the wonders of aloe as a child. My mum used to keep an aloe vera plant on her kitchen window ledge and whenever we had a graze as kids, she would cut open one of the leaves, squeeze out the gel and put it on our skin. Boy did it sting but it always healed quickly! My entire family have now been drinking and using aloe topically for over eighteen years, and I absolutely could not live without my daily shot of goodness! I also love using aloe on my skin as I find it cooling and calming; my skin is highly sensitive but aloe always helps. My 77-year-old mum drinks it to help with her digestion and my 4-year-old great niece has been drinking aloe for over a year to support her immune system – she calls it her magic juice!”

– AMANDA, PERTH (Forever Business Owner)

“Like most people I thought aloe was just something you used for cuts and burns, so when I discovered that it was packed with nutrients, I decided to give drinking it a go. As a busy mum of three and a teacher, I thought it was just the thing I needed and after my second bottle, I began to feel and notice some huge benefits. People started to comment on how I looked and when they asked me what I was doing, I found myself recommending the aloe drink. I soon discovered other flavours, including one containing glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin, and I knew my husband needed to try this one. After twenty-four years in the Royal Navy up and down ladders and playing a lot of football, I knew he needed an aloe drink with extra ingredients that could support his active lifestyle.”

– EMMA, PRESCOT  (Forever Business Owner)

“I have been drinking aloe for eleven years and I now also drink a peach flavoured one as it’s so delicious. Starting the day with an aloe shot helps keep me fit and healthy and since it’s packed with vitamins and minerals (including vitamin C for added energy), I know I’m giving my body the nutrients it might not otherwise get. Staying fit and healthy means I can enjoy playing golf and being active, and I don’t have to worry about slowing down as I’ve just turned 50!”

– CHRISTINA, WORKSOP (Forever Business Owner)

“My grandmother in Russia would always make some sort of medicine with aloe vera. If I had a cough, a sore throat or something like that she would mix the inner gel from the leaf with some honey and give that to me. She’d also put it on a bruise or a scratch, so I always grew up with the idea that aloe is a great plant to have thanks to its natural healing properties. That’s why Forever’s products were so appealing to me; I always gravitate towards products that are natural and that’s why I was so drawn to Forever’s products – I just love aloe and I know it works!”


“When we were first introduced to aloe vera as a drink sixteen years ago, I decided to learn as much about aloe as I could, and I soon found out that Forever uses the best aloe available. Andrew always makes me smile when I think back to his first sip. He said, “Why on earth am I drinking this?” I told him it would do him good and to get on with it. Three days later he said to me, “What are these lumps on my cheeks under my skin?” and we soon realised it was connected to the cleansing aspect of aloe. Aloe is great for skin and it wasn’t long before his complexion was glowing. I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without aloe and after sixteen years of benefits, it’s clear that this daily tonic is incredible!”

– ANGELA AND ANDREW, NOTTINGHAM (Forever Business Owner)

“Four vegetables are indispensable for the wellbeing of man: wheat, the grape, the olive and the aloe. The first nourishes you, the second raises the spirit, the third brings you harmony, and the fourth cures you.”


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