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Vital5 – The ideal companion to a healthy lifestyle

At the end of last year, four brave Forever Business Owners embarked on a 54-day F.I.T. challenge, starting with the C9 and following through with the F15 programmes, with the aim of transforming their bodies and mindset surrounding food and exercise. Shaun Cooper was one of these challengers and we caught up with him earlier this week to see if he had continued to implement these good habits into his lifestyle some nine months on. Shaun explained that using the Vital5 products have really helped to keep him on track. Read on to find out more…

How long have you been using the Vital5 products?

I have been using the products in the Vital5 pack on a daily basis since December last year when I finished the 54-day F.I.T. Challenge in which I used one C9 and three F15 kits.

How do they fit in with your healthy lifestyle and when do you take each product throughout the day?

The products fit in perfectly with my lifestyle. I love to train hard and I also love to eat lots of healthy food! The supplements work synergistically to provide my body with essential vitamins and nutrients throughout the day so that along with a balanced diet, I’m confident that I’m getting all the nutrients I need.

First thing in the morning I take two shots of Forever Aloe Vera Gel on an empty stomach with water. I then have my breakfast of porridge oats and a Forever Lite Ultra shake. Following this, I take my Forever Daily, two Forever Arctic Sea tablets and a Forever Active Probiotic beadlet. Late morning, I have a Forever Fast Break bar as a snack followed by Argi+ and a Forever Therm supplement just before I go to the gym. Following my gym session, I have chicken and rice followed by two more Forever Arctic Sea tablets. For dinner, I will typically have fillet steak with pasta and a further two Forever Arctic Seas. Before bed I will have another shot of Forever Aloe Vera Gel and if I’ve I have had a rigorous training session that day, I will then have another sachet of Argi+ before bed to aid recovery whilst I sleep.

What is your favourite product in the pack?

My favourite product would have to be Argi+ as I love the impact it has on my training, I love that I can take it before bed and at different times of the day as it’s stimulant-free so it doesn’t have those unwanted side effects, plus I love its taste!

What benefits have you noticed by taking Vital5? Do they complement your healthy lifestyle well?

Since taking the Vital5 products I have seen much better results both in the gym and with changes in my body. I weigh out all of my food and when I’m in the gym I record every weight, set and rep so that I can monitor improvements in my strength and fitness. In order to maximise the effectiveness of this training, I also need the correct supplementation to support my body’s nutritional needs. I can rely on the supplements in the Vital5 pack to deliver what I require in order to help me get to that next level of fitness.

How would you sum up the Vital5 products?

The Vital5 pack is a great selection of products that you can use whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or just for general health and wellness. Its benefits when taken with correct food choices are huge and really have a significant impact on both performance and general wellbeing. It’s the first product pack I recommend before anything else!

Do you use the Vital5 products on a regular basis to support a healthy lifestyle? If so, we would love to hear from you – please post your experiences in the comments section below.

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