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The truth behind Forever F.I.T.

If getting into shape this year is high on your 2019 bucket list, then you may be reassured to know that you’re not alone. In fact, according to a 2018 New Year’s Resolution survey carried out by Statista, a whopping 45% of respondents said that their resolution was to lose weight or get in shape. It’s likely that we’ll see similar figures this year as people begin to reflect on how much they overindulged during the holidays, but unfortunately the percentage of people who actually stick to their weight loss goals will be significantly lower.

The reason for such a dropout rate boils down to mindset. Many people want results without the work; they want something that will give them instant and noticeable change but then they become disillusioned when they realise the results aren’t lasting. Well, it’s time to refuse to be another failed resolution by deciding – really deciding – to actually pursue what it is you desire. It’s time to be resolute and push through the challenges and one way to do this is by finding a fitness programme that makes being resolute possible. It’s about finding a routine that’s built on lasting foundations, that inspires you to continue thanks to noticeable results, and that ultimately delivers the transformation you desire. This is the very essence of the Forever F.I.T. Programme.


Without a solid foundation, everything you have worked so hard on will crumble in front of your eyes. In the fitness realm, your foundation is built from established routine, unyielding determination and an unwavering attitude that combines positivity with self-belief. Laying a foundation that withstands negativity and temptation requires dedication; it depends upon you embracing correct nutrition and exercise so that you properly understand how to achieve your end goal. 

Setting up your foundation is arguably the most important stage of your weight management goal, but it isn’t as complicated as it may sound. In fact, following a simple nine-day programme could be all you need to ensure your foundations are ready to face whatever lays ahead. You see, part of Forever’s C9 programme’s role is to reset your system and kickstart good habits surrounding fitness and nutrition. 

By utilising the cleansing properties of Forever Aloe Vera Gel, a special range of supplements, protein shakes and an easy-to-follow meal and exercise plan, you’re able to see real results in just nine days. But it’s not just about what you see; the real power of C9 is in how it makes you feel. Purifying aloe will help your body to adjust to a new routine, to healthier meals and to daily exercise. By exercise, we don’t mean a hardcore gym session or running around the local sports field. No, we’re talking low and medium-impact exercises such as a slow thirty-minute walk, a leisurely swim or a yoga class. Making these simple adjustments over a nine-day period will start to solidify your fitness foundations, and if you stick to the programme, you’ll be amazed at what you have achieved in such a short space of time. 


There’s nothing more inspiring than living, breathing and tangible results. If you’ve conquered the C9 Challenge, it’s likely that you’ve already inspired your friends and family to give it a try thanks to your new-found confidence, appearance and attitude, and hopefully that inspiration also extends to yourself. What’s more motivating than feeling fantastic and looking great? Use what you’ve learnt from the programme to establish lasting fitness and nutrition habits until they form a part of your everyday routine. 

If you fear your interest may waver, set yourself smaller goals as stepping stones to the ultimate goal. You’ll find that your motivation soars every time you accomplish one of these smaller wins. The Forever F.I.T. Programme encourages goal setting for that very reason, as sometimes the physical results are less noticeable when you’re looking at yourself each day. Taking photo evidence to document your progress is also an excellent idea to keep motivation high, as well as taking on the challenge with a friend and reminding yourself daily of the why behind your weight management goals.


No one wants to follow a fitness fad that’s all hype without real lasting results, which is why the Forever F.I.T. Programme stands out from the weight management crowd. If you’ve plucked up the courage and energy to embark on a weight management programme, you want to choose one that has proven results – results that show clear transformation over an achievable period of time. 

The full Forever F.I.T. Programme is made up of nine days of C9 followed by at least fifteen days of the F15. F15 is split into three levels depending on your current fitness level (beginner, intermediate and advanced), and we say ‘at least’ fifteen days because you can of course choose to progress on to different levels or continue with a level that suits if you so desire. In fact, F15 is such an easy-to-follow programme, it’s likely to imprint an achievable routine on your life in a way that allows you to continue following its structure even after the official fifteen-day period has long ceased. It is this kind of programme that makes a lasting impact on your life and once the transformation you have achieved becomes evident, your desire to continue down the path of fitness and nutrition will flourish for many months – and hopefully years – to come.

Do you want to be resolute and commit to an achievable fitness and weight management programme in 2019? Start your fitness journey today by clicking here to find out about our 24-Day Challenge

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