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The Power of Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way of utilising time whilst driving, commuting or doing household chores.  

And of the millions of podcasts out there (thought to be 3-4 million), did you know that almost half (44%) have less than three episodes and only 720,000 make it beyond ten episodes? That number drops further to 156,000 (less than 5%) if we look at those shows which release weekly episodes.  

This means the Forever Podcast is right up there when it comes to staying the distance.

As we look back over our podcast history that stretches to four years, the most listened-to podcast is our interview with nutritionist Gillian McKeith, in which she focused on gut health and why she is such an advocate of aloe vera (download and listen here). 

The most popular listens of 2023 so far include interviews with mindset coach Andrea Marsh (download and listen here) and Forever Business Owners Lisa Prescott (download and listen here) and Diana Page (download and listen here).

Podcasts help us feel good

Podcasts are so much more valuable than being simply ‘time fillers’ when we are doing something mundane. Podcasts are a great learning tool, a form of entertainment and a means of relaxing. They are also beneficial in terms of helping us become good listeners, as well as stimulating our imaginations as we build images when listening to the ‘story’.

While most of us might believe our brains are actively choosing what to pay attention to, it is in fact trying to save resources and optimise energy. This means that instead of spotlighting what to pay attention to, our brain is actually blocking out information we find distracting. When we turn the majority of our attention to listening, it actually frees up mental capacity, because our eyes are no longer running the show.

This increased mental capacity means we have more cognitive resource available to listen, so we can actually pay more attention to what we are hearing. Without a visual aid, our listening is more active and attentive than when watching a video.  

In fact, our brains invest over 10% more resource when processing audio on its own. And studies have shown that, when compared to audiovisual content, audio creates more alertness, attention, encoding and memory retrieval. 

Listening to podcasts are the equivalent of modern day ‘stories’. Stories can help us feel more connected and inspired. What’s more, listening to others’ experiences can help us feel supported and foster a stronger sense of community.

Your chance to win!

As our audience, we want to continue producing Forever Podcasts that you find interesting, informative and beneficial. So, we’d love to know what topics you want us to focus on in the coming months: whether they be mindset, retailing tips, product education or inspirational personal stories. 

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