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The power of aromatherapy

Have you ever noticed how certain aromas can transport your mind to a specific time and place? Maybe a specific scent reminds you of a favourite family recipe. Or perhaps a certain smell takes you back to that beachside holiday with a memory so vivid you can almost feel the sun on your skin. Scents are closely connected to our memory, which is why just smelling something familiar can feel like looking at a snapshot in time.

Because this sense is so powerful, it’s no surprise that aromatherapy is so widely celebrated. In fact, the use of essential oils has been traced back to ancient cultures, and is described in writings dating back as early as the First Century to naturally support the body, stimulate the senses and help people look and feel better.

Smells create an instant emotional reaction that begins when olfactory receptor cells in your nasal cavity send electrical impulses that activate the parts of your brain associated with memory, emotion, mood and so much more. Forever Essential Oils tap into this amazing process to guide your mind and body on a journey toward reflective calm, soothing mindfulness or a sharp, keen awareness.

Each essential oil note offers different benefits depending on how the sense of smell and brain work together. Essential oil notes are often combined to create synergistic blends for maximum benefit.

Forever Essential Oils Lavender is made with lavender grown and harvested in Bulgaria, where ideal growing conditions allow for oils with high levels of linalyl acetate, which gives lavender its fruity, sweet aroma to calm, soothe, relax and rejuvenate.

Forever Essential Oils Lemon is made with lemons sourced from Argentina and California. The lemons used are harvested by hand and carefully cured until they reach the perfect ripeness. This ensures the fruit is juicer and more aromatic, producing potent essential oils to refresh, energise, invigorate and revitalise.

Forever Essential Oils Peppermint is made with leaves harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas in India, where the climate and soil yield potent, top quality peppermint. The result is an essential oil that cools, refreshes, clears the mind and invigorates.

Forever Essential Oils Defense is a blend of seven of the highest quality therapeutic oils from six countries around the world. Clove bud and cinnamon bark oil from Madagascar, orange from the United States, frankincense from Somalia, rosemary from Hungary, eucalyptus citriodora oil from Australia and juniper berry from Nepal make up.

Of course, the highest quality essential oils come from the best possible plants. That’s why Forever Essential Oils only come from plants that are grown and harvested in ideal conditions. Forever sources its pure oils from all over the globe to ensure conditions are just right to provide the most potent aromatic qualities.

How to use Essential oils

Essential oils offer a versatile way to bring the power of aromatherapy into your home or enjoy the benefits on the go. Just as there are varying aromas and blends to promote specific moods or benefits, there is more than one way to experience the power of aromatherapy.

Diffusing essential oils creates an aromatic mist by distributing essential oil molecules into the air to infuse your environment with the powerful benefits of aromatherapy. There are many different types of diffusers available on the market to suit different styles, potency of scent and personal aesthetic.

Look for a diffuser that nebulises the oils by using cool air or diffuses the oils in water. Exposing pure essential oils to heat can negatively impact their chemical composition and make them less effective.

Not sure if diffusing is for you? There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils. Oils can be added to an open bowl with or without water, placed on a cloth and added to your dryer to infuse the scent into clothing, added to a spray bottle with water and sprayed throughout your home and so much more.

Experience the benefits of aromatherapy with Forever Essential Oils

With Forever Essential Oils you can experience the benefits of aromatherapy whenever and however you choose. Use them individually or experiment to make your own blends. Bring harmony into your life with the quality you can only find with pure, powerful essential oils.

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