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The journey to freedom by Rochelle Siviter

Rochelle Siviter had a very successful ten-year career in law. She had managed to make something of herself in a male-dominated industry – one known to have glass ceilings and barriers at every level! However, despite the seemingly successful life she had created, behind closed doors she was living a very different story.

While I was pregnant I suffered a series of violent incidences and after giving birth I had to flee my home. I became a single mum but I had to keep going; I commuted four hours a day to work, leaving my four-month-old baby behind, and I often had to work into the evening even though the rewards were decreasing. I had no time to recover from the events I had suffered, let alone be the mum I needed to be, and I ended up missing out on my son’s first few years because I was building someone else's business.

I decided to leave law and return to university to study to be an operating theatre practitioner. I loved my new caring clinical profession, but shift work brought me more challenges so I soon realised it wasn’t ideal. When a friend put me in contact with my sponsor, Lucy Greenwood, it wasn't the business or money aspect of Forever that appealed, what I fell in love with was the attitude, drive and positive influence I felt that it could have on my son and in my own life.

After just a few weeks in the business I had made enough profit to buy my son a dressing up costume; that’s when I realised the huge potential Forever had. This realisation also began to build up my self-belief, and I’ve now built a business that focuses on inspiring others so that they too can achieve anything, irrespective of having a difficult past.

My past, my progress and my passion has led me to becoming a regular guest speaker at the university; sharing my story with others may help to promote my business, but it also offers hope to those that feel stuck in life.

Forever has given my son his mum back; I no longer live as a victim and I have a future where we can live in freedom – this is an incentive I just can't put into words! My amazing mum and step dad are now in my downline, and my passion for Forever even inspired me to sponsor professional karate athlete Aimee Sell. This in turn has helped my son pursue gymnastics, and many of the products have been amazing for his training. One thing that’s on my goal board is to perform trapeze, something I see as a symbol of my journey to freedom, and I am so excited to mark my journey this summer with a trapeze session in Hyde Park. I always knew that one day I would fly!

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