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The Importance of a protein-rich diet

Protein is a chain of organic compounds called amino acids and is extremely popular within the sports and weight management scene, but this seeming infatuation is more than just a fad. Any fitness fanatic knows how essential protein is to their daily routine and that it contributes to a growth in and maintenance of muscle mass. In fact, your organs, tissues, muscles and hormones are all made from proteins, therefore the protein found in foods is used by every part of the body to develop, grow and function properly. This is especially important when your body starts to age.

Protein also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, which is why consuming a diet containing high-protein foods perfectly complements a schedule that favours strength exercises. Other benefits of protein include faster recovery after exercising, helping you to maintain a healthy weight and it can help you to feel fuller for longer by slowing down digestion and making you feel satisfied – this means you’re less likely to go back for seconds!

Protein before and after a workout is a great idea and beneficial when it comes to muscle repair, but it’s also sensible to start your day off with a high-protein breakfast. We recommend white meat, lean beef, eggs, beans, soy and Greek yoghurt – all these foods are excellent sources of protein. Even though breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, you should try to consume other protein-rich foods in other meals on a daily basis for good health.

Forever Living has plenty of protein packed products to support you on your fitness venture:

  1. Shake up your diet and lifestyle with naturally-flavoured, plant-powered protein. Forever Lite Ultra shakes contain 24g of protein per serving, vital vitamins and minerals and are available in two delicious flavours (chocolate and vanilla). This versatile product can be used if you’re watching your calorie intake, or as a filling protein shake if you’re trying to gain weight. A top tip is to drink a protein shake immediately after you exercise – you’re more likely to gain muscle.

  2. The Forever Fast Break bar contains less sugar and even more fibre! With improved flavour, this delicious chocolate covered peanut butter bar will make you think you’ve died and gone to weight management heaven. Chock-full of 11g of protein, these filling bars are a great snack when you need that little extra, especially after an active workout.

  3. Forever Pro X2 is a tasty alternative to an unhealthy snack and each bar contains 15g of protein. These gluten-free bars are available in cinnamon or chocolate and they’re perfect for keeping in your gym bag.

  4. Argi+ is a wholesome berry-flavoured drink that has been uniquely formulated for people with active lifestyles. Each sip provides protein and amino acid support (vitamin B6), vitamins B6 and B12 will contribute to normal red blood cell formation, and it also helps to maintain muscle function (vitamin D3) and energy (vitamins C, B6 and B12).

Let us know what your favourite protein-rich products are in the comments below.

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