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Take back control


At twenty-four years old I was fresh out of police training and fully expecting to work as a police officer for the rest of my working life. I thoroughly enjoyed my job and was willing to work the long shifts, but after the birth of my daughter my priorities changed…

I became a single parent when my daughter was three and I really struggled with shift work. The long hours and overwhelming feeling of guilt was too much and I realised I needed something else. In 2013 my friend introduced me to Forever and although I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, I trusted her. I had a good feeling about Forever and I liked the idea of earning an extra few hundred pounds so that I could reduce my police hours.

When I achieved Supervisor I was able to reduce my hours, but then I was told I couldn’t have time off over Christmas, including Christmas day. That’s when I decided to take back control and I made plans to take a five-year career break starting in August 2015. After making this decision, people would comment how it was a good idea just taking a break in case Forever didn’t work out, but the thought of going back really scared me. It still felt like the police controlled me and I was already dreading going back.

It took me a few months to adjust – I had spent eleven years as a police officer – but I really struggled to find a daily routine, let alone work a business from home. Over the months my business fell away, but I never lost sight of what I wanted from Forever, it was just taking me a lot longer than expected. In May 2016 I decided enough was enough; I resigned from the police and suddenly a weight was lifted. I am now rebuilding my business whilst working part-time in an office, which I really enjoy. I feel in complete control of my life and I am doing things that I was never able to commit to before. I play and coach football, I’ve achieved my FA Level 1 Coaching Award, I’ve become a school governor for my daughter’s school, I’ve taken up running and I also completed the Paris marathon in April 2016 – this was a huge achievement for me.

Forever opened my up eyes to what is possible, it made me see that there are other options. I now have time; time to spend with my daughter, time to take her to school and pick her up again, and that is absolutely invaluable. My advice to anyone who is feeling like their business isn’t progressing is to take some time and invest in yourself, but most importantly you should never give up on your dream, despite how rocky the journey is.

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