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Small ways to take charge of your life

We all like the idea of being considered a hero in the eyes of loved ones and earning the title of super friend, world’s best mum, legend of a dad, sibling who saves the day or reliable colleague is an honour that is not always distributed lightly. Such heroic status often relies upon the worthy winner to behave at their optimum, but sometimes the pressures of life can cause you to neglect important areas that leave you feeling exhausted, groggy and disengaged.     

If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to forget what others think and instead concentrate on transforming certain aspects in your own life that you feel are holding you back. Master each of these areas and you’ll soon have your life back on track and be raring to tackle whatever the world throws at you.

Feast on variety

As creatures of habit it can be quite tempting to stick to the same daily breakfast, three lunch options and those tried and tested dinner favourites, but the healthiest diet is one that’s thick with variety, colour and seasonal vegetation balanced by good fats, unprocessed carbohydrates and precious proteins. Such a diverse menu will introduce a wide range of vitamins and minerals into your diet and it is often these nutrients that can mean the difference between afternoon sloth or post-lunch pep! Working around an unchanging diet puts you in danger of developing vitamin deficiencies and this, quite frankly, can make you feel rubbish. Take a look inside your larder and dare to branch out on your next shop and soon you’ll be enjoying varied cuisine that fuels more than your stomach.

Top tip: Don’t take your digestive health for granted – support it with Forever Active Pro-B and allow friendly bacteria to balance your gut when it needs it most. 

Enjoy a little exercise

Thirty minutes of exercise often seems to get bumped off the daily to-do list but constantly neglecting your muscles and heart a workout is not going to do you any favours. It’s important to at least make time for some gentle exercise as working out will help to improve your strength, flexibility and balance, as well as improving your endurance, heart rate and overall fitness. What you may not realise is that exercise can actually be a source of energy; you may feel too tired to hit the gym initially but if you do manage to peel yourself away, you’re likely to find the exercise releases endorphins that uplift your mood and leave you feeling more energised. 

Top tip: If you’re struggling to leave the sofa after a long day at work, make yourself a glass of Argi+. This berry-flavoured drink is packed with vitamins such as vitamins C, B6 and B12, all of which help to reduce fatigue. 

Own being organised

If you’re not a naturally organised person it can be quite difficult to adopt new processes, but actually an organised approach may be exactly what you need to get on top of everything. Author and ‘professional organiser’ Christina Scalise says, “organisation isn’t about perfection it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.” If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to be organised, start by setting some time aside to reflect on what areas need addressing and then choose just one to focus on first. You don’t have to transform overnight but taking ownership will begin to help that sinking feeling to fade.

Top tip: Organisation and routine go hand-in-hand and developing a strong routine means establishing some solid habits. Having a glass of Forever Aloe Vera Gel first thing in the morning is a habit you will not regret; this 99.7% pure aloe provides essential nutrients for digestion, immunity, skin health and overall wellbeing, setting you up for the rest of the day. 

Plan in some play

Whether it’s taking some time out from the demanding routine of work and house chores to spend some quality time with your kids, wider family or friends you’ve not seen in months, scheduling in some solid time for ‘play’ is essential to overall wellbeing. Kathleen Potempa, a professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, says, "vacations are important because they not only replenish the mind, they also reduce the physical effects of stress on the body". No-one can perform at their peak if the weight of stress is bringing them down, so pull out the diary and pencil in some play dates – it will do you and your family the world of good!

Top tip: If you’re breaking away from your normal routine it can be tempting to cheat on the healthy eating you’ve recently adopted, and this could mean you end up missing out on vital nutrients. Multivitamins like Forever Daily are excellent solutions alongside balanced diets to ensure you get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, no matter where the day takes you. 

Take time to chill

Making time for a day of fun is of course wonderful and many of our life-long memories result from such days, but it is also essential to take time to chill and relax. Whether it’s mediation, a spa day or binge watching a box set that ignites your ability to unwind, ensuring these moments occupy space in your diary will greatly benefit your mental wellbeing. UK-based charity Mind agree that relaxing is important when it comes to managing mental health, stating that taking time away from normal routines and thoughts can be all that’s needed for someone to feel calmer. So, if you feel you’re falling short of ‘hero-status’ due to stress, taking time out could be just what you need. 

Top tip: Whether you choose to chill or insist on overworking, support your mind with omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic, also known as DHA. DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and Forever Arctic Sea supplements are packed with the stuff! 

Find your own hero

It’s all very well striving to improve certain aspects of your life, but nobody can be expected to take on any kind of challenge without some kind of assistance. Vital 5 offers supplemented support for body and mind by combining Forever Active Pro-B, Argi+, Forever Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Daily, and Forever Arctic Sea in a handy pack, along with a flexible supplement schedule that works around a busy lifestyle. These five products have been designed to save the day by delivering your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to conquer whatever lies ahead. 

What makes you feel energised and ready to take on the world? Let us know in the comments below.

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