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Secure your future by Marion Moll

Marion started her Forever journey in November 2014 aged forty-four, and although in the beginning she was only running her business part time, in April last year Marion decided to say goodbye to her day job…

I signed up with Forever through one of my best friends, and now sponsor, Amy Hayes, and in the beginning I was only looking to earn a little extra every month. Although my day job was okay, it had changed massively over the last year and I had also been through a redundancy process. They kept me on in the end but it did make me feel very insecure about the future. I had also gone through a difficult divorce and the idea of having to be completely responsible for my own financial future was incredibly daunting.

As I started building my Forever business I realised how much I loved working for myself. By February and March 2015 I could see that things were heading in the right direction and I really wanted to concentrate on the business full-time. I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny, and to work hard whilst improving my own circumstances, not my boss's. I decided to take the plunge, which was a huge risk as I was not even Supervisor at the time, but I could see the potential even through retailing.

Today I work completely independently and although I am quite far away from my team members – I live in the Ipswich area and my upline and crossline are in Yorkshire – we use Facebook and Skype a lot. I have also started growing my own team here in the Ipswich area - I love how much fun you get out of helping others!

I also absolutely love the products. The Aloe Propolis Creme is amazing and my twenty year old daughter, Jessica, drinks Forever Aloe Berry Nectar every morning; she is so impressed with the products that she has even decided to sign up! I am now in a place where I am excited about the future – that is such a fantastic feeling. 

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