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My C9 journey: Emma Burns

It was three-and-a-half years ago when I was at my heaviest. I weighed 11 stone 13lbs and I hated being in front of the camera during that time.

When a friend contacted me about the C9 fitness programme, my immediate reaction was of disinterest. As a nurse practitioner, I’m not someone who’s in to ‘diets’, but after a bit of research, I realised that the C9 is actually so much more than your bog-standard diet plan!

I decided I would give the programme a try, and although there were elements I found extremely difficult, such as the taste of the gel and the hunger I felt on day two, the possibility of seeing results kept me grounded.

I was amazed when I started to feel like a different person. I was so motivated and desperate to succeed – partly because of the results but also because I didn’t want the money I had paid to go to waste – and thankfully it paid off as after I had completed the nine days, I was thrilled to see I had achieved significant weight loss. Because of this I decided to continue drinking Forever Aloe Vera Gel and the Forever Lite Ultra shakes, and to intermittently take Forever Therm and Forever Garcinia Plus, all while following the principles of C9. Throughout the three months that followed, I continued to lose noticeable weight and my whole approach to dieting changed. My attitude towards food and exercise had been altered for the better and I honestly felt amazing.

This was three years ago now and my weight has since plateaued at 9.5 stone. I continue to use a variety of products from Forever Living’s weight management range and this constant use, alongside expert knowledge, has completely changed my life! This year I will be turning 40 and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt as healthy as I do now, and I truly believe it’s thanks to the C9 and its amazing products.

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