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Meet our new Forever Brand Ambassador: Simone Magill

Forever UK, Ireland and Iceland are delighted to welcome Simone Magill to the Forever Family.

About Simone

Simone currently plays for Aston Villa, following a move from Everton, who she joined aged eighteen. She has earned over 70 caps playing for Northern Ireland and made her debut at the age of just 15.

The striker has scored 21 goals and holds the World Record for the fastest ever goal at International Level, scored in 11 seconds against Georgia in 2016 (even more impressive is that Georgia kicked off...).

As well as being a professional football player, Simone is studying for a PhD in the Sociology of Sport, as well as running her own podcast: ‘Born and Bred’. Simone’s successful career along with her strong work ethic and determination make her an inspiring role model for so many young women who also dream of becoming professional footballers.

Why did Simone become a Forever ambassador?

Commenting on her ambassador role, Simone said: “I’ve been using Forever’s products for some time now. Since my knee injury a year ago, my ACL surgery and the road to recovery, I have taken a deep dive into thoroughly researching and understanding the products that will best support me in becoming the best athlete and footballer I can be. As I have got to know Forever Living and its brand values, it was a natural fit for me to become an ambassador.”

Want to know more about Simone?

Check out our latest podcast with Simone by clicking here. Listen to Simone discuss her journey into football, how far women’s football has come and so much more.

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