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Living and Loving Forever: time, the biggest gift

As we head into Mother’s Day this weekend, many of us will be marking the occasion with gifts, cards and flowers, and possibly taking Mum out for a special lunch (now that we can). Saying thank you is important in life, time passes so quickly, it can be easy to forget to tell those who are closest to us how much they mean to us, to acknowledge the inspiration and care they have given us, how they have shaped us as people, our values and characters.  For those whose Mums that are no longer with us it can be a poignant, bitter-sweet day, and a time of remembering.

 More than ever in this uncertain world, how, and who we spend our time with matters.  It’s often one of the primary motivations for those starting their own Forever business; to gain that control over how their time is spent. We don’t get those days, months and years back with our children and family to experience them again, and those memories are priceless. 

Feeling grateful is a cornerstone of a happy life, and we within the Forever family have much to be grateful for. Forever means different things to different people, we are all of us as unique as our fingerprints and while we may have much in common, our lives are original works of art, to shape and as we choose. Forever can represent the artist’s studio where we get to create the lives we aspire to.   

The clocks go forward this weekend too, marking the start of Spring, longer days and lighter mornings and a sense of renewal, a fresh start, things to look forward to. It’s a good time to revisit our intentions if our goals have slipped; a good time to reconnect with those with renewed commitment and a sense of optimism. And again, that’s the beauty of Forever, it is constant, it will always be here even when life’s distractions take you off course. 

So, as we celebrate our Mums let’s also feel grateful for all that we have and all that we have to look forward to, appreciate each moment, living and loving Forever.

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