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Last Minute Gift Ideas

By this point in the year, there are usually two groups of people:

  • The very relaxed, very organised and slightly smug people who’ve got all of their holiday shopping done, wrapped and under the tree, and take great pride in telling you just how organised they are.
  • The people who have suddenly realised that it’s December! When on earth did that happen? Who am I buying for? What should I get? Send help!

Which group do you fit into?

If it’s the latter and you’re beginning to panic, don’t fret! Here are some great last minute gift ideas that can serve you right up until Christmas Eve…


Whilst 2020 may have been a little lacking in adventure, there’s hope yet for 2021 and beyond. Why not treat your recipients to something to look forward to? Whether that’s planning a getaway together, treating them to a meal out, or even pulling together an at-home experience (click here for relaxing experience ideas, ideas for a great dine-in experience, or ideas for the sporty person in your life), show them you know them with an experience that they’ll never forget.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a fantastic go-to if you’ve left things a little last minute or aren’t quite sure what to get. Save the planet (and your wallet!) from any potential waste by ensuring your recipient gets to choose a gift they know they’ll really love. Speak to your Forever Business Owner to ask if they’re selling gift vouchers to give your recipient access to a range of skincare, supplements, health and wellness products.

Something handmade

Remember when mix tapes were a thing? Who said we had to stop doing that?

Okay, so maybe not an actual tape (unless you recipient happens to be the kind of person who collects vintage tape players, in which case go for it!) but have a think about your own hobbies and skills and how they could translate to a gift – perhaps a cross-stitched cushion cover, a knitted scarf or a basket of freshly baked goods? Do you have lots of photos of the two of you together which could be compiled into a lovely scrapbook? Do you have lots of memories together recorded on video that you could edit together into something memorable? You could even make a Spotify ‘mixtape’ playlist for them, which is a great virtual option to feel closer to somebody who you can’t see this season - it’ll really show them you care. Chances are this kind of gift will be really special and something to remember, especially because it was handmade with love.


Before you roll your eyes, we don’t mean regifting as in giving them something horrible you got for Christmas last year just to get rid of it. By regifting, we mean giving them something that you have loved and cherished and know that your recipient would too. We’re thinking things like a book that has genuinely touched you which your recipient will love too, or passing down a precious family heirloom to your son or daughter. Even if it’s something you haven’t used at all but know your recipient will get a lot of use out of, that’s far more worthy than throwing it in the bin. Value is in the eye of the beholder and there’s nothing wrong with regifting so long as you’re really thinking about how it will suit the recipient – and you’re not simply regifting that ugly Christmas sweater Auntie Margaret knitted for you just because it’s not quite for you…

Do you have any other ideas for last minute gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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