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International Day of Friendship 30 July 2022

Sophia lives in Derby and Cecilia lives in Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea. After two years of an online friendship they met for the first time in person at the May Success Day in Coventry. Both had difficult journeys that day; Sophia had car trouble and Cecilia was thwarted by the train strikes but they were determined to meet, and meet they did! Their pleasure was palpable and their story says so much about the connection and important friendships that many find through Forever.  

Cecilia takes up the story.

“Sophia and I first met through a Facebook Group of Zimbabwean ladies in the UK. We started talking because we discovered we shared the same totem (Moyo), culturally Sophia and I are sisters, and we quickly connected on that level. Through our discussions we discovered we were both Forever Business Owners. At the time I didn’t know many Zimbabweans working a Forever business, so I was excited to find a Zimbabwean sister doing the same. Sophia came into my life at the right time, I was struggling with my business, I had lost an upline and was feeling directionless. We spoke at length about where I was in business, and my plans. In truth I was on the brink of giving up, I was concentrating on using the products and servicing a few of my loyal customers.

Sophia encouraged, motivated, and uplifted me. She helped me find my mojo again. When we started talking, I was five years into the business stuck at Assistant Supervisor, Sophia was a Supervisor and I think she had been stuck at that level for years. We decided we were going to move our businesses forward. We agreed to do power hours every day; at the beginning we would do these randomly but before we knew it, we developed habits that became daily routine. Sophia helped me coach my team and also with online product launches.

With lockdown upon us in 2020, I had more time to work on the business, with Sophia’s collaboration and encouragement she helped me believe in myself again, Sophia helped me to connect with my mentor through Head Office. Sophia held my hand every day, although I had the bigger team I belonged to, it was nice to have someone close I could relate to and rely upon for help. Towards the end of 2020 we decided it was time to shift things around. During lockdown, we attended many online trainings which helped us refine our skills. We started doing joint product launches sometimes three a week, we did power hours each day and we then committed to selling a product a day. Each time I sold a product I would text Sophia and she would do the same and this pushed us to do even better, this coordinated work and support led to promotion for both of us. I moved to Supervisor in April 2021, and she hit Assistant Manager and Manager in the same year.

We have become more than friends, we are sisters, and we continue doing the same and now looking to grow our businesses further. We challenge each other and support each other in areas of our weaknesses. Sophia has become my immediate support system as my direct upline is not currently active in the business. We are accountable to each other and always going out of our way to help our teams.

It’s a good feeling to know I gained a sister for life through Forever Living Products.”

Healthcare assistant and mum of two Sophia added, “Cecilia is very good with technology unlike me, and she helps me a lot; she creates all the flyers for every event we organise. We agreed that we would touch our business everyday no matter what. I am so grateful for all her support and encouragement because when I was working towards Manager, I came very close to giving up. Cecilia called me every day during that time, and gave me so much encouragement and support, checking case credits with me. She helped me to stay focused and I achieved Manager on the Marketing Plan. She has become my real sister. We still do our power hours and our goal now is to encourage our team members to join us on those. We are extremely close, we share how much profit we make each month and what we intend to do with it. When we finally met in person at the June Success Day it was so emotional for me, I couldn't contain the excitement. Forever has given me a lifetime sister.”

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