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International Day of Charity


Charity is a beautiful way to help those less fortunate and those in need. Over the years, Forever Living has participated in various charitable efforts through the Rex Maughan Forever Giving Foundation, formerly known as Forever Giving which was founded in 2009. Forever has partnered with incredible organisations such as Hope and Homes, RSPCA Australia and Rise Against Hunger. This year, the Rex Maughan Forever Giving Foundation donated $116,157 to support the people of Ukraine. 

Our charitable efforts have helped change the lives of many, while creating fantastic opportunities for communities to unite.

We were so grateful for all the support you gave in packing 5 million meals for the world's most vulnerable as part of Rise Against Hunger's incredible work. The meal-packing events at Longbridge Manor encapsulated the spirit of Forever; teamwork, fun and making a difference. We have ensured that charity is vital to our ethos here at Forever. We dedicate ourselves to helping the world by improving lives through our products and opportunity.

Any act of kindness, no matter how big or small, makes a significant difference in someone's life. We want to highlight the great work our Forever Business Owners achieve as they take time out of their busy schedules to be a positive force in the world by helping others. We are constantly blown away by how big our FBOs' hearts are and their unwavering desire to help and make the world a better place.

Today is the International Day of Charity, and we invite you to let us know about any upcoming planned fundraisers you have, as we would like to support you by helping raise awareness of what you are doing. Diane Sealey, our PR expert, would like to support you by telling your fundraising story in your local and regional press, which hopefully will drive donations.

If you're looking at planning or preparing any fundraising activity, please fill out our form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or ping a message and she’ll contact you to find out how she can help.

Diane Sealey: 07798 524846

We hope to hear from you soon!

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