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How to start your business with 20 Aloe Vera Gel drinkers

You may have heard that aloe vera is the lifeblood of Forever – and that’d be right. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is one of the only aloe vera species in 400 known for its soothing abilities and nutritional value, and it’s the main ingredient in many of our products. None more so than our Aloe Vera Gels.

Containing 99.7% inner leaf aloe gel, our original Forever Aloe Vera Gel is one of our most popular products, along with Forever Aloe Berry Nectar and Forever Aloe Peaches – flavoured versions of the original gel. Forever Freedom is also incredibly popular, with all the benefits of the plain gel, but with added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM for those always on the move. With aloe being great for skin, the immune system and an ideal digestive aid, as well as our gels being a rich source of Vitamin C, it’s easy to see how one little yellow bottle has become such a staple of many Forever businesses around the world.

When people first start their business with Forever, they sometimes become overwhelmed by the sheer number of incredible products that are available to sell. While we never put restrictions on what a person can and can’t sell, and many people successfully sell our supplements, skincare and weight management programs, we often advise people to kickstart their business with a base of 20 Aloe Vera Gel drinkers – here’s why…

Drinking the gels is a daily thing

Though many of our products are designed for daily or regular use, they often last for longer than a month, meaning that the opportunity for repeat sales are less frequent. However, in order for your customers to get the most out of their Aloe Vera Gel, they should aim to drink at least 120ml every day. Therefore, if you have a solid base of gel drinkers, you’ll always find that you have a steady stream of income.

Your customers will notice the benefits

Remember that aloe helps to support skin health and the function of the immune system, and our gels have added vitamin C; a brilliant antioxidant which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. There are plenty of benefits packed into our Aloe Vera Gels, so if your customers are drinking their 120ml a day and monitoring how they feel over the course of one to three months, they’ll likely start to notice a difference in the way they look and feel.

CC Values

A one litre bottle of Forever Aloe Vera Gel equals 0.091 CCs. Assuming that each gel drinker consumes 120ml of gel per day, they will need a minimum of 3 bottles of gel – or 0.273 CCs worth - per month. Therefore, establishing 20 monthly drinkers equates to 5.46 CCs a month – a little way above your 4CC target before you’ve even started to sell any other products at all. Not a bad way to get started!

So how do you establish your customer base?

Begin by being an ambassador for the products yourself. Always have every flavour to hand in the fridge, take them into work and consume them there (it’s never been easier with the mini gel bottles!). Carry the aloe with you and when people comment on the bottle and ask what you’re drinking be ready to explain the many benefits of aloe vera!

You can also reach more people by holding product launches. Product launches are a great way to get people together, start networking and establish your knowledge around the gels. They’re an ideal time to talk about aloe vera as a plant, our incredible aseptic process and the many benefits of our Aloe Vera Gels, as well as offering taste testing of the gel flavours. Try to aim to get at least three new gel drinkers at each launch by having a good testimonial on hand and being sure to listen to everybody’s potential needs and experiences. There’s plenty of helpful tips on how to do a successful product launch in your First Steps to Manager guide.

Once you’ve made your first sale, be sure to follow up with your customer to ensure they’re getting on well with the products. It’s at these follow ups where you can ensure they’re getting the most out of the gel, offer them further advise or even begin to cross-sell and upsell products (for instance, offering them 330ml gels to take on the go, or giving them an experience pack to see which other products they may like to try next).

Now you’ve established your first repeat customer, you can continue to do the same thing to find your 20 regular gel drinkers.

Remember, from 1st January through to 31st March 2020 we’re running our Aloe Around the World Business Building Incentive. The winners will be determined based on the case credit volume of aloe vera gel drinks, and packs containing gel that are sold when somebody new joins their business. If you’d like to know more, or check if your name is on the list of top ten FBOs, visit

We’d love to know which product you kickstarted your business with – was it our amazing Aloe Vera Gels, or something else? Let us know in the comments!

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