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How to set and achieve realistic goals for your business

What do you think of when you think of ‘success’? Becoming an Eagle Manager? Qualifying for Chairman’s Bonus? Travelling the world with Forever?

When you’re first starting out, those goals can seem like such a long way away, and it can take some time to achieve them. Without smaller goals to keep you going along the way, it can be easy to start feeling a little hopeless.

That’s where setting and achieving realistic goals can come into play. Having smaller things to focus on in the short term can help you to streamline your plans, and can help the time to your bigger goals come much quicker! Here’s how to can keep yourself motivated. As the Olympics is on at the moment, we thought we’d break down your goals into ‘Bronze, Silver and Gold’ so that you can visualise it, but the same rules apply year-round!

Do one ‘Bronze’ thing each day

A ‘bronze’ activity is something that is easily actionable – something that you can achieve every single day so long as you put your mind to it. Whether that’s fitting time in between your usual work schedule to reach out to a prospect, work through your ‘Who Do You Know’ list, or do a Facebook Live, any of these things can have a direct impact on your business, and only take up a small amount of time. Do them consistently every single day, and they’ll really start to add up.

Examples of ‘bronze’ activities might be: getting in touch with a certain number of prospects, selling a certain amount of a particular product, or spending time on social media to nurture your audience there.   

Do one ‘Silver’ thing each week

A ‘silver’ activity is a little more time intensive, but still manageable – the kind of thing you might strive to do each week rather than each day. This again will have a profound impact on your business if you consistently do it week after week, whether it’s attending trainings so that you can soak up all the valuable information others have to share, or helping to get somebody else involved in the business to start changing their life. 

Examples of ‘silver’ activities might be: sponsoring somebody into the business, scheduling up a week’s worth of valuable social media content (including taking product pictures and coming up with captions), or attending a training about a product or topic you’re curious about.

Do one ‘Gold’ thing each month

A ‘gold’ activity is, naturally, the most time intensive and most difficult to manage, so we recommend you try to fit one in every month (bonus points for you if you can do more than one!). Each month Forever does a monthly product focus and retail incentive, to help push you to sell more of a specific product, which can really boost your CCs for the month. If you and your downline got involved, imagine how much of an impact that could have on your business! Likewise, aiming to tune into the recognition events each month to celebrate either your own success, or those of your team could be really beneficial. 

Examples of ‘gold’ activities might be: qualifying for a monthly incentive, helping somebody in your downline to sponsor somebody else into the business, or celebrating a recognition of somebody in your team (perhaps your own!)

What are you bronze, silver and gold goals for this month? Let us know in the comments!

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