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How To Bring Balance Back Into Your Life

Does the hustle and bustle of daily life sometimes cause you to feel as if your world has collapsed into chaos? Does tension, stress and anxiety plague your decisions, impact your health and leave you feeling deflated? If so, it’s time to bring some balance back into your life. Read on for helpful advice on how to achieve complete equilibrium for you mind, body and soul.

Ways to Balance Your Body:

Favour what’s vital

Eating a varied diet full of nutritious fruits, vegetables and pulses is essential when it comes to balancing your body, but if you feel like meal planning and preparation is hindered by work, appointments, family and other priorities, it can be difficult to remember to eat well (or at all!). If convenience food features highly on your menu, it’s worth considering introducing core supplements into your diet so that your body doesn’t miss out on the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain health and wellness. Forever’s Vital5 offers supplemented support for body and mind by combining five amazing Forever products that work together in synergy. Forever Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Active Pro-B, Forever Arctic Sea, Argi+ and Forever Daily.

Govern your gut

You may be surprised to learn that the state of your digestive health could lead to numerous other health concerns such as extreme fatigue, a weakened immune system, skin issues and metabolism problems. That’s why it’s important to keep your gut in tip-top condition by doing everything you can to ensure stress, diet and environmental and lifestyle choices don’t send your gastrointestinal health into quandary. Thankfully, Forever’s new supplement Forever Active Pro-B will complement your gut flora and assist with your diet and lifestyle goals.

Adopt healthy habits

Try adopting healthy habits so that they become a normalised part of your daily routine. When it comes to diet, cut out snacks and keep an eye on your portions to ensure you don’t over eat. If you feel like you’ve cooked too much for one but not enough for two, don’t be tempted to consume a larger dinner, simply freeze the extra and add to it another night to bring it back up to a full portion. A daily glass of Forever Aloe Vera Gel each morning is also the perfect way to introduce a healthy habit into your life, and thanks to its high aloe content, vitamin C and preservative-free formula, this drinking gel will deliver much needed nutrients each morning.

Laziness is another enemy of the unbalanced body, and convenience food, unnecessary car journeys and hours on the sofa will only leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued. Don’t let laziness suck time and energy from you – instead choose walking, fresh ingredients and catching up with friends.

Simplify your wardrobe

Although bringing balance to your body relies upon you introducing a lot of nutrients to encourage internal changes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t declutter your body externally as well. What better place to start than taking a long hard look inside your wardrobe? You’re bound to find items tucked away in the back that you’ve neglected to wear for months on end – those are the clothes you should ditch and donate to your local charity shop! This is the ultimate win-win situation: you’ll feel good about giving to someone in need, but you’ll also feel release from emotional baggage you didn’t even realise you were carrying. Clothes that remind you of your younger or thinner days, clothes with the tags on, clothes you attach a price to, get rid of the baggage and you’re certain to feel lighter than yesterday.

Ways to balance your mind:

Become a yogi or yogini

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that seeks wholeness and the unity of body, mind and spirit; it’s believed to have originated in Ancient India and to have been practised for thousands of years. Its goal, traditionally, was for one to find harmony with the universe, but over time yoga has broken into Western culture and in the 20th Century it became a popular form of physical exercise.

There are many different types of yoga, but most classes combine physical poses with controlled breathing and a period of deep relaxation. Practitioners of yoga – dubbed a Yogi (male) or Yogini (female) – will benefit from improved mental wellbeing thanks to elevated sleep quality, high quality air intake and time to focus on what matters most.

Practice positive thinking

Life will inevitably chuck bad things in your path, but how you deal with those incidences can impact your overall wellbeing. A person with a positive mindset presumes happiness will result and that any difficulty that should arise can be overcome. If you see circumstances as an opportunity to learn and grow and you consciously search for the silver lining, your sunny mindset will positively impact your physical and mental health.

Make time for meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be about lighting incense and creating a space that feels super spiritual, it can simply be time you’ve set aside to listen to some relaxing music and reflect on your day and week ahead. Find a comfortable place to sit, free from distraction, and begin by concentrating on your breathing. This will help you to unwind and drift to that peaceful place.

Clear out the clutter

You may be surprised to learn that clutter in and around your home can have negative consequences on your wellbeing. While we may all be guilty of accumulating unnecessary possessions, the negative emotions that result from the clutter is not a punishment you deserve to endure, so it’s time to take control and bring some balance back in your life – simply approach decluttering pragmatically, one room and one cupboard at a time.

Ways to Balance Your Life:

Do What Matters Most

How often do you take the time to stop and think about your priorities? Do you have good friends you’ve not seen in ages? When was the last time you phoned your mother for an agenda-free chat? Do you spend your weekends running around ticking off chores or do you spend quality time with your partner creating memories? Life is far too short to let pass by, so sometimes it’s a good idea to stop and re-evaluate what you want to assign your time to. Keep work within its set hours and keep technological distractions to a minimum in favour of embracing time to explore the great outdoors with the friends and family who matter most.

Ditch Social Media

It’s easy to obsess over the lives of other people, and it’s easy to fixate on your own social presence, but social media is ultimately a façade. It presents a created and manipulated world that can cause insecurities in normal but fabulous people. Whether you’re a snooper who lives in the social shadows or a frequent poster who lives in the social spotlight, try taking a break for a few weeks and monitor your wellbeing – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Enjoy the little things

It’s so easy to rush the little things in life that bring joy, and it’s even easier to take them for granted, but taking the time to appreciate small moments will help shape you into a positive person that sees the good and embraces opportunity.

Why don’t you start to acknowledge the small things that result in momentary happiness? Whether it’s a cup of cocoa, a lovingly prepared meal, a sunny day or a lazy morning, regularly feeling thankful for such instances will uplift your overall wellbeing, causing other stresses to fade into the background.

Make it work for you

Achieving a work-life balance is often a desire many strive for but struggle to achieve. The world often tells us that climbing the career ladder will result in success and such success will lead to an income that results in happiness, but this way of thinking often comes at a cost. Happiness is seldom achieved and the balance one craves is somehow overshadowed by moving goal posts and an environment that’s infected with anxiety, stress and negativity. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, it may be worth readdressing your priorities and taking steps that allow you to move towards work-life balance that works for you.

Thankfully, there are employment options out there that can give you everything you desire, be it flexible hours that work around family, additional income and bonus schemes, an environment that you control or simply recognition for your hard work. If all this sounds appealing, the network marketing industry may well just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

How do you bring more balance in your life? Let us know in the comments.

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