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How to boost team morale on Blue Monday

Blue Monday is the name given to the most depressing day of the year, falling on 21st January in 2019. Morale and engagement can be low throughout your team due to the dark nights, shorter days and general lack of excitement that January brings with it. But there are plenty of ways you can lift their spirits and boost team morale on Blue Monday. We’ve put together some ideas to inspire you below.

Give a small gesture

Often it only takes a small gesture to lift someone’s spirits on Blue Monday and sometimes these gestures can take a little amount of time but make a big difference to someone’s day. Some ideas to spread the love with your team are taking them out for lunch, bringing them flowers, saying something kind about them or even encouraging them to chase their dreams.

Organise a team social

Most network marketers work from home which is all well and good until you start feeling isolated and out of touch with your team. So, why not plan a social? After all, January is a time when we all want something to look forward to. Organising a team social is a great way to get your team together in an out-of-office environment, and this also helps to form better relationships.

Recognise past accomplishments

People love getting recognised for their efforts and achievements, and public recognition is an excellent way to boost team morale. The accomplishment might be a new position in the Marketing Plan, qualifying for an incentive or getting a first Chairman’s Bonus cheque – however big or small, you will help build their esteem and drive them onto the path of success. After all, sharing in each other’s successes is what makes the Forever business opportunity a special career choice.

Inspire your network marketing team

Strong team building starts with inspiration and one way to inspire your team is to turn your ideas into actions. Recruitment is a good place to start, so why don’t you show your team what is truly possible? When you show them, as opposed to telling them, they should be inspired into action.

Another way to inspire your team is to pass on your personal experiences. If you share from personal experience, you build a deeper connection and by helping others, your business will only grow.

Focus on their goals

A great network marketing leader asks their team about their desires, goals and why they are here. At Forever Living, we focus on the values that are promised through our mission statement – to create a company where you thrive and to courageously lead you to achieving your dreams. If you haven’t already, get your team members to write their desires down, breaking down their goals into small, bite-sized steps that they can accomplish each day.

Remind them that Forever Living is more than just a job

When Rex Maughan created Forever Living in 1978, he did it to provide his friends and family with a higher quality of life, and that meant creating a network marketing company with a high-quality business model, superior products and an opportunity that could change lives. Every year you can look back and reflect on the lives you’ve helped to change, and the hope you’ve provided to those who discovered a new path through the Forever opportunity.

Do you have any tips for boosting team morale? Let us know in the comments.

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