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Holiday Blues? Getting back into a work mindset

Well hopefully you’ve been able to take a holiday either in the UK or abroad and have enjoyed some downtime with friends or loved ones.  I think a common denominator for all of us is how much we took for granted being able to travel pre-pandemic.  So, feeling grateful that holidays are back on the agenda has probably been an emotion we have all shared.  

And perhaps feeling grateful can be the launch pad to help us get back into our working routines less reluctantly.  It’s easy to think well I would like to be on holiday all the time but life is about contrast; work and relaxation - do they have to be mutually exclusive?  It’s always about our attitude, something that we have complete control of it we choose to exercise it.  I love Dr Wayne Dyer’s quote “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”  There is wisdom in this simple statement.  Perhaps you have recharged and whilst having time and space to think have some great new ideas that you are keen to try out in your business or simply the way you structure your day.  You may have identified activities that are ‘busy work’ that don’t bring you results.  The Pareto Principle states that 80% of results come from 20% of the activity.  What’s your golden 20%?  Do more of this.

Tips for re-engaging with your business after a holiday:

1. Re-connect with your ‘why’.  Why did you start down the path of your own Forever business?  What has it brought you already? Put pen to paper for this, writing brings us clarity.

2. Get some time with your upline 1-2-1.  This person inspired you to join. You believed in them and their vision.  It inspired your own.  Just 10 minutes might be all you need to feel re-energised and excited all over again.

3. Look at your goals again – are they still relevant?  Perhaps you had some insights while on holiday and they need to be revised.  If that’s the case revise them so that they inspire you and feel true for you. 

4. Don’t overdo it in the first week but don’t procrastinate either.  Set yourself some daily/achievable goals. Write your to-do list each day and cross them off as you complete them.  Starting small you are less likely to feel overwhelmed so 3-5 things is ample.

5. Learn something new.  Attend a training online or read a book that will develop either skills or your mindset.  Learning and doing new things empowers us and builds our self-esteem and belief in ourselves.  It may not even be business related, you are growing and evolving. 

6. If you haven’t done it already then the DX4 is the perfect springboard for your mind and body post-holiday.

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