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Health Trends for 2020

There’s no time like the New Year to start re-evaluating your habits and resetting your health goals. 2020 presents not only a new year but a brand-new decade of opportunity to kick-start healthy habits and get yourself back on track. 

While you may be fully in the throes of holiday spirit at the moment, we thought we’d inform you of a few trends set to be big next year, so you can start thinking about how you want to change your life for the better come 1st January! 

Mental Health Trends

Mental health has become a huge focus for everyone recently. In our increasingly connected, digital world, we’re stressed-out, burned-out and holding ourselves to impossible standards. But now we’re starting to realise it’s simply not sustainable. 

Self-care is the first thing we wanted to highlight as we believe it’s truly important to take time out to look after yourself (whatever that looks like to you). There is already an influx of breathing and meditation apps available to try and help you take back control of your own mental wellbeing, as well as Instagram’s initiative to remove likes on posts, to help stop comparison culture, and 2020 is sure to see this activity really ramp up. 

Sleep Trends

How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Eight? Six? Four ‘if you’re lucky’? Studies show that people actually consider sleep to be a luxury rather than a necessity! Getting enough sleep is vital to help your body repair and restore itself, restore energy and release growth and development hormones. 

So, while you’re busy downloading apps to help with your mental health, why not consider downloading a sleep app which monitors your sleep cycle or another which lulls you to sleep each night with relaxing melodies? 

Better yet, stop using your phone or other electronic devices at least 60 minutes before you go to bed. The blue light affects your body’s production of melatonin, which disrupts your sleep. If you can’t tear yourself away, at least try to protect your eyes: try setting your screen to a sepia tone after 9pm, wearing blue-light filtering glasses or even taking Forever iVision which contains vitamin A and zinc that contribute to the maintenance of normal vision. 

Food Trends

One big health trend set to make waves in 2020 is the idea of ‘intuitive eating’. This is simply the process of listening to your body: eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re satiated. While this may sound like common sense, many of us have been subconsciously taught to ignore or override our bodies hunger/full signals (think: your parents guilt-tripping you into eating your entire plate of food before you left the table even though you were full, or going on a restrictive diet in your early teens which led you into a restrict-binge eating cycle). This means that you may now be out of touch with when you’re genuinely in need of food and what kind of food you need to eat. 

Intuitive eating puts everything back on the menu (even the things you’ve told yourself are ‘naughty’) and simply requires you to really listen to your body to determine when to eat and when to stop. Drinking plenty of water can really help with this, as often we misinterpret thirst as hunger. 

Another food trend includes incorporating more plant-based or vegan meals into your diet. Whether or not you go full vegan is up to you, but there are many health benefits to eating less meat – and lots of benefits for the environment, too! Why not give Veganuary a try next month? 

Fitness Trends

What’s a list of New Year Resolutions without a fitness goal? At home workouts are set to be one of the biggest trends for 2020 – and how convenient! No need for an expensive gym membership or classes that you struggle to fit around your hectic schedule! Simply set YouTube up on your TV or laptop and workout from the comfort of your lounge! We have a video of  a great at-home workout with Forever Ambassador, Ben Cohen for you to take a look at here

And taking it back to our first bullet point, there are also workouts you can do for better mental wellness, such as dance and yoga. Why not roll the two trends into one and take a look at our playlist ‘The Power of Yoga’ with Kristina Rihanoff for wellness workouts at home with our Forever Ambassador.

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