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Harness the Power of Argan Oil in Forever’s Newest (and Giftable!) Personal Care Products

Native to Morocco, Argan oil has been referred over the centuries as ‘liquid gold’.  This versatile, light-weight oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree and is now getting its much-deserved spotlight in some of our newest Forever products.  

Whether on oily, dry, combination or normal skin, argan oil can be used on all skin types at any age.  A comedogenic rating demonstrates the likelihood of an oil clogging pores: Argan oil absorbs quickly and it has a 0 rating for clogging pores.  It also assists in preventing the signs of premature ageing as it’s high in Omega-6 fatty acid and Omega-3 compounds which makes it full of antioxidants, moisturising and calming properties.  

And, of course, paired with fantastic benefits of topical aloe, Argan oil adds so much to our newest Personal Care products.

Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo & Conditioner 

In a two-step process for vibrant, healthy-looking hair, revitalise with Forever’s Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and Aloe-Jojoba Conditioner. 

Forever’s Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo is perfect for everyday use to easily rinse away dirt and excess oils. Able to be used at any age and with all hair types, the natural cleansing properties of aloe and the hydrating effect of jojoba leave your hair feeling clean and manageable.  After a good rinse, add Forever’s Aloe-Jojoba Conditioner for another 2 to 3 minutes to soften and smooth the hair.  With added Argan oil, it nourishes and adds moisture without added sulphates.  I love the feel of this thick conditioner that gives me a ‘salon luxury’ experience of a premium conditioner on a daily basis.

 Aloe Body Wash 

This sulphate-free formula of Forever’s Aloe Body Wash features a perfect blend of aloe vera, the prized Argan oil and skin conditioning ingredients such arnica flower extract and hydrolysed jojoba esters, which help soften skin while increasing hydration and smoothness. This pH balanced body cleanser helps to wash away dirt and debris but also assists in retaining moisture and hydration, and boosts healthy-looking skin with nourishing vitamins A, C and E. Aloe Body Wash has a woodsy scent from a blend of herbs that makes it a great unisex product. The lovely shade of seafoam green that creates a rich, creamy foam comes from naturally-derived copper chlorophyll which adds to the overall experience of leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed without stripping your skin of moisture. The earthy scent is honestly one of my favourites especially as I love to create some ‘me time’ with a bubble bathe and an Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask.  

Aloe Body Lotion 

Use Forever’s Aloe Body Lotion every day, or multiple times a day, as a body moisturiser which softens skin to leave it feeling smooth, hydrated and healthy. This lightweight formula contains aloe, vitamin E and argan and hydrolysed jojoba esters which help to promote the appearance of firmness and skin elasticity, while absorbing quickly into the skin. Aloe Body Lotion promotes hydration but also supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier with ingredients like sodium hyaluronate. Forever created this silicone-free formula for anyone with normal-to-dry skin in mind, and added macadamia seed oil, high in palmitoleic acid, which promotes healthy looking skin. I love the lightly floral scent which is perfect for anytime I want to give my skin a moisture boost.

All these products are great gifts to introduce friends and family to Forever’s amazing Personal Care products all with the benefits of topical aloe. Give them on their own, or pair it with the Aloe Bio-Cellulose MaskAwakening Eye Cream or Hydrating Serum for an award-wining combination 

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