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Gift wrapping top tips

Presentation really is everything, especially when it comes to giving gifts at Christmas. Not all of us have a naturally artistic and creative flair, but practice certainly does make perfect in this instance and it is important to make your gifts look as beautiful as possible when you present them. Head Office’s own Front of House Coordinator, Sarah Isaac, has a real creative spark and has the ability to produce stunning gift wrapping solutions. We spoke to her about what tips she would give other people looking to impress with their gifts this season and she gave us the following advice:

  • Make sure you choose a nice vessel / container that is an appropriate size for your products

  • Choose products that work well together e.g. a set or collection

  • Pick a colour scheme that really compliments your products and enhances the colours of the product packaging e.g. for the Sonya Collection, purple is really effective.

  • Choose eye catching wrapping accessories that complement the overall design –e.g. ribbons, bows etc.

  • Add ‘picks’ into the packaging such as Christmas baubles and stars – these can be added into the basket or attached to the external packaging like a ribbon.

  • Make sure your packaging is cost-effective and you buy the right amount of cellophane, paper etc. so there isn’t any waste.

  • Have fun with it! Get creative and look at magazines and online sources such as Pinterest for inspiration if you get stuck.

Happy gift-wrapping!

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