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Gift disappointment

On average a UK household will spend approximately £800* in the run up to Christmas, with a large portion of this figure being spent on gifts for friends, family and acquaintances. However, a lot of people find the whole shopping experience overwhelming as they struggle to find that perfect gift and many seem to get it wrong year after year. Read on to discover some of the worst gifts our Forever Business Owners have ever received…

  • Victoria – This is going to sound awful but the worst gift I have ever received was a pair of jeans from my then boyfriend (now husband). They were not to my taste at all and he had no shame in telling me that his mum had bought them. I felt even more obliged to wear them! I think it disappointed me more that he hadn’t put any thought or time into it himself (I was only sixteen).

  • Louise – My sister in-law got me a pink leopard print shoe landline phone. I didn’t even have a house! Needless to say, it went straight to the charity shop the following day!

  • Natalie – My sister-in law got me a clutch bag-shaped note pad and my poor dad received a dancing gopher!

  • Lucy – My husband once got me a new fuel pump for my then broken Land Rover!

  • Samantha – For our first Christmas together, my husband gave me an electric carving knife. Thankfully the presents have got better over the years.

  • Kelly – My boyfriend bought me a frying pan for Christmas one year (he is now an ex!). As you can image, I wasn’t too impressed. My nan also bought me a Sellotape dispenser one year – but in all fairness, I still use it to this day.

  • Lindsey – I received talcum powder as a child from my Great Aunty Ida – dreadful!

What is the most disappointing gift you have ever received? Share your story with us by posting in the comments section below.

*According to YouGov UK

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