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Getting up close and personal with our Forever Business Owners

Our ‘Faces of Forever’ page offers a unique insight into the lives of various Forever Business Owners (FBOs); demonstrating the diverse array of people who have discovered the business opportunity, achieved success and never looked back! We decided to create this exhaustive catalogue of individuals to provide glimpses into their lives, with the hope of inspiring readers that they too can overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to get involved with network marketing? Perhaps, you love the idea of working from home or you’re a momtrepreneur in the making but need some sense of direction? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, make sure you scroll down to read some of our incredible Business Owners’ stories…

Stay focused on family - Samantha and Andrew

For over 15 years I had worked for the NHS and when I decided to register as a Forever Business Owner, I was working as Clinical Nurse Specialist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I loved it! I was very passionate, cared a lot for my patients, and climbing the nursing career ladder. But I was desperate for a family.

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My life seems too good to be true - Emma and Shaun

The growth of Emma and Shaun's business has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. Having only joined us in December 2013, the couple have now hit Sapphire Manager level on the Forever Marketing Plan – a phenomenal achievement in less than 18 months.

For many Forever Business Owners, Forever offers a chance to exchange the stress of their current job for something more flexible and rewarding. And for Emma and Shaun, this was most definitely the case. Emma had been working as a police officer in the drug squad of Greater Manchester Police when she found Forever. Her husband Shaun, whom she met through work, was also a police officer on the tactical aid unit. Before joining the police, Emma had suffered badly with anxiety and bouts of depression. Being accepted into the force was a huge achievement and made her happy – most of the time. “I was alright for a little bit,” she explains, “but then I got assaulted quite badly a couple of times and when two female officers were shot and killed on duty in September 2012, it really hit me hard.’

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A future in Forever – Nicola

Nicola was fed up of juggling motherhood with an uninspiring office job, so when she discovered a new opportunity whilst on Facebook she decided to take the plunge…

I started my working life as a groom for a well-known show jumper. This for me felt like a childhood dream had come true but the reality hit me quite quickly when I realised I had no time for my own horse and it was no longer a hobby. I decided to take a completely different path and trained to be a hairdresser; again I really enjoyed this and the years went by, but when my husband and I had our beautiful boys I went on maternity leave. Unfortunately, when I tried to return to work, I struggled to regain my clientele and ended up working part-time in an office just to put food on the table. I felt trapped but I couldn't figure a way out.

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Have you been inspired by a particular individual to start your Forever business? If so we would love to hear from you by posting your comments below.

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