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Free Goal Mapping and audio book by Brian Mayne

We are all looking for new and inspiring ways to keep the kids happy and educated during these changing times. It can sometimes be challenging to keep them engaged and inspired to learn and achieved their goals, and that is why Brian Mayne is giving you access to his Goal Mapping system, including his best-selling storybook, Sam the Magic Genie for FREE!

Brian Mayne developed a unique online personal development programme that is suitable for the whole family, to help them learn about positive thinking, and how it can boost self-esteem, as well as ways to master the art of effective goal achievement.

This fantastic online programme includes Brian’s best-selling audio book Sam the Magic Genie, a downloadable 48-page illustrated parent’s Goal Mapping workbook, printable Goal Mapping templates and guides, as well as access to the Goal Mapping Online Software, a two hour video from Brian’s inspiring Goal Mapping workshop, and exercise tips for people of all ages.

Goal Mapping is an extremely powerful system, used by large companies such as Microsoft, as well as smaller companies and schools, and since its development in 1995, almost 5 million people from all ages and backgrounds have benefitted from the programme. Learning how to set goals effectively is key life skill, and in this time of change it can be an especially important way to help your family maintain a positive mindset and set goals to build a bright future.

So that is why Brian is giving you FREE access to this fantastic programme, to empower you and your family. To access this programme, click the link below to register now! 

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