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Forever’s Essential Oils: Types of Diffusers and DIY Home Hacks

Part one

Boost the power of Forever Living’s Essential Oil collection with a store-bought diffuser or easy, inexpensive things you can find around the home to create an aromatherapy experience. 

Taking care of yourself is an integral part of your wellness, and the brilliant thing about self-care is there are hundreds of different ways to practise it. Complementary therapies can be a great way to up your self-care game—and an easy one you can try at home is aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit, and has been used for centuries to promote overall wellbeing. When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves to the brain, especially impacting the amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain.

Using aromatherapy can energise you, encourage you to relax, clear your head, soothe tension, and help to decrease stress responses, depending on which oils you use.

Essential Oil Diffusion is dispersing essential oils so that their aroma fills a room or an area with the natural fragrance.

From the simple to the elaborate, many methods are available for diffusing essential oils into a room.

Easy aromatherapy diffusion methods exist, which can be done with things you probably already have in your household. In addition, there are numerous aromatherapy diffusing devices available for purchase in stores or through a search online. Here are the most common four types of diffusers that complement your Forever Essential Oils

A Nebulising Diffuser breaks down the essential oil into tiny particles through the use of a high velocity, pressurised jet air stream. When the essential oil is released from the diffuser, it goes into the air in a fine mist without the use of heat or water.  This tends to be on the pricier side than other diffusers, but uses the oil pure which creates a powerful experience. 

An Ultrasonic Diffuser uses a small amount of water and electronic frequencies, to create a vapour from the essential oil without using heat. Ultrasonic vibrations are created from a small disk under the surface of the water, causing the essential oil to break up into tiny micro-particles, which diffuses out into a fine mist. This has little or no noise, though it does dilute the essential oil when it is released, leading to a lighter, airy experience. 

A Heat Diffuser uses heat elements, whether electric or from a candle such as a tea light, to help the essential oil gradually evaporate into the air. Sometimes heat essential oil diffusers use the oil mixed with water. Some heat diffusers use very high levels of heat to cause a stronger aroma, which should be avoided as they can drastically change the chemical constituents of the oils. The best heat diffusers will use a very low heat (such as a candle) to give a milder, longer lasting aroma.   

An Evaporative Diffuser uses air flow from a fan to spread the scent of the essential oils into the area. The air flows through a filter, such as a tissue or a pad that has essential oils dropped onto it. The oil evaporates quickly, and the air with the evaporated oil is blown into and around the room.  When you use an evaporative essential oil diffuser, you will get the oil in segments: the lighter essential oil components, such as Forever Essential Oil Lemon or Peppermint, evaporate first into a room, while the heavier components, like the ones which make up Forever Essential Oil Defense, evaporate last.

DIY hacks are meant to simplify our lives, and save time in inexpensive ways. Essential oils are in many ways, already a hack. 

Here are a few you can try at home: 

Simple tissue or fabric diffusion is when you lace 3-4 drops of essential oil onto a tissue and place the tissue near you. As movement occurs in the room, such as you moving or as someone walks by, the aroma from the essential oils will waft through the air. This is an ideal transportable aromatherapy diffusion method, and can be used in public spaces such as the office, where you can’t diffuse essential oils throughout the room or space. Oils can also be placed on fabrics such as a dressing gown or corner of a pillow, though avoid anywhere that would have direct contact to skin.  Though the aroma is not long-lasting, it is great for a shorter duration of an essential oil boost. 

Steam diffusion is created by boiling a pint of water on the hob, pouring the water into a bowl and adding up to 6-8 drops of essential oil to the water. The steam will heat the essentials oils and cause them to diffuse by evaporation quickly into the room. Avoid placing your face directly over the steam, but let it sit near you to enjoy the benefits. Add Forever Essential Oil Defense for a winter holiday scent, as this aromatherapy diffusion method will quickly diffuse the essential oils into a room.

A DIY car diffuser can be made a few drops of an essential oil on a wood clothes pin.  Clip onto an air vent for a refreshing boost. 

A stick-on air freshener can be easily made with a small felt pad (that you would find under furniture to protect the floor) to place in rubbish bins, drawers, cars, or nappy bins…all the stinky places. The result is a portable air freshener you can stick anywhere, which is fantastic for those hard-to-reach places that need a bit of freshness. 

A toilet paper roll refresher gives your bathroom an extra boost of freshness by adding essential oils directly to your toilet paper roll. Using a dropper, add 4-5 drops of your favourite essential oil to the interior of the roll. Each time you spin the roll the scent will be released to freshen up your bathroom.   

Blast away nasty odours. Take 5 drops your favourite essential oil and mix it with water in a 2-ounce spray bottle. Shake and spray anywhere that smells—laundry, shoes, rubbish, the kids’ rooms, etc. Or soak a cotton ball and place it at the bottom of your rubbish bin or overnight in trainers to eliminate unseemly odours.

For a hack with your hoover, put 1-2 drops of your favourite Forever Essential Oil inside your vacuum bag or filter and freshen the house while you clean.  Or add a few drops to a tissue, tear into small pieces on various parts of the carpet and then hoover it up, leaving a lingering scent. 

Here are a few more simple hacks:

  • Tap a little of Forever Essential Oil Lavender right into the wood shelves in your closet or the drawers in your dresser.
  • Fill a microwave-safe bowl filled with water and four drops of Forever Essential Oil Lemon, and “steam clean” your microwave.  Place on high for 10 minutes, then wipe down the inside.   
  • Put a couple of drops of Forever Essential Oil Lavender onto a tissue and tuck it inside your pillowcase.

Diffuse Forever Essential Oils when doing yoga, relaxing, working, playing board games or even mindfulness.  And don’t forget to diffuse essential oils whilst you take some well-deserved ‘me-time’ with one of Forever’s multi award-winning Aloe Bio-Cellulose Masks.

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