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Forever Living’s skincare and anti-ageing ingredients –with Jeannie McGinnis

Forever's Beauty and Skincare Trainer, Jeannie McGinnis, has been with Forever Living UK since May 2017 and is our dedicated Skincare Advocate. She has been involved with the health and beauty industry in some capacity since the late 1980s and promotes holistic, healthy living in her lifestyle.

Below, Jeannie gives us an insight into Forever’s ingredients, specifically those with anti-ageing properties to help you look and feel better.

What does anti-ageing mean?

We all age, but the rate at which we age can be determined by your genes, ethnicity, skin type and pore size – these are known as intristic factors, and we have very little control over them. Our goal is to age well; preventing premature signs of ageing which can start as early as your 20s. We aren’t ‘anti’ the ageing process, but more ‘pro’ ageing well, and putting the breaks on premature ageing both in our skin and bodies.

Signs of premature ageing:

The signs of premature ageing can include: wrinkles and fine-lines, dry flaky skin, dull and sallow skin tone, uneven tone and texture and volume loss, as well as a leathery appearance on the upper-chest and hands.

Can we prevent premature ageing?

Yes! Natural ageing is chronological and intrinsic, but premature ageing comes from lifestyle choices and extrinsic factors. These factors may include: UVA/UVB damage, diet choices, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol, sugar and processed food, poor digestive health, pollution, smoking, and chronic stress. All of these factors create excess oxidative stress in our bodies and skin, which can lead to premature damage.

What happens as we age naturally?

Over time, whether it is normal ageing or more rapid ageing through lifestyle choices, the effects on the skin are the same. In the middle layer of skin, the dermis, certain proteins and sugar molecules lessen in their production, which leads to signs of ageing. Environmental damage on the epidermis, top layer of the skin, leads to fine-lines, wrinkles and uneven tone and texture. Whilst ageing decreases the production of many aspects in the epidermis and dermis of our skin, great skincare can help to replenish what is lost, and simulate our body’s production.

The skin’s structure and elasticity:

So what is a fibroblast and why does it matter to me? A fibroblast is a cell which is responsible for organising the connective tissue, or skin matrix. They synthesise collagen and elastin proteins essential for the support and elasticity of the skin.

Collagen is a protein found in the skin that starts to deplete at around the age of 35/40. It smooths your skin, gives hair its thickness, and is found in your nails. As an ingredient in skincare products, collagen can be digested or applied topically, to help stimulate and normalise fibroblast activity and produce collagen.

Peptides are shorter chains of amino acids which make proteins. As collagen breaks down, it forms peptides, which then send messages to the skin to tell it to produce more collagen. This is a natural step in the collagen production process. Peptides are added to skincare products to help to amplify this message, and encourage the production of collagen. Forever uses a patented three-amino acid peptide that complements the natural process of the skin to increase firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

What ingredients in Forever’s skincare products help to prevent the signs of ageing?

Adding collagen, peptides, and vitamin C to skincare products helps to stimulate the body’s production and natural balance of collagen. Adding vitamin C both topically and orally (through your daily shot of aloe) has many benefits for the skin.

Antioxidants are found in vitamins and minerals, and help to maintain a careful balance to prevent damage, and stabilise excess free radicals caused by oxidative stress. Many of the botanicals used in Forever’s skincare products contain vitamins A, C or E (or all of them) which are high in antioxidents.

SPF, Skin Protection Factor, is the length of time for sun exposure before you feel the harmful UV effects. UVA protects against ageing, and UVB protects against burning. Forever uses zinc oxide, a mineral base, in both our Protecting Day Lotion and Aloe Sunscreen, making it more naturan and environmentally friendly than many chemical sunscreens on the market.

A humectant is a substance that attracts water to the skin, and promotes the retention of moisture. Aloe vera, found in all of Forever’s skincare products is a humectant, and the Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask is ideal for hydration to help renew your tired, thirsty skin.

Occlusives act as a physical barrier on top of the skin to reduce the effects of waterloss, and protect from external irritants. They are often combined with humectants, and include oils such as jojoba and apricot, found in Forever’s R3 Factor, and borage oil, found in Alpha-E Factor. Both products are fantastic for protection against environmental stressors and transepidermal water loss.

Infinite by Forever Advanced Skincare System – Our premium anti-ageing range

With a synergistic anti-ageing approach, this clinically tested range is amazing for dry and mature skin, but can be used from anytime you see premature ageing, which could be as early as your 20s.

Full of antioxidants, lipids and aloe, the Infinite Hydrating Cleanser is a milky cleanser perfect for drier skin that may need something more sensitive and gentle.

After cleansing, follow with our award-winning Infinite Firming Serum. This brilliant serum targets the signs of ageing with a clinically proven three-amino acid peptide that complements the natural process of the skin to increase firmness and reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles.

Following the serum, apply the Infinite Restoring crème. Packed with over fifteen potent skin conditioning ingredients this impressive cream combines science and aloe with powerful botanicals and vitamin B3 to help even skin tone and texture.

Use this system once in the morning and once in the evening for at least three months to see maximum results. Don’t forget the Infinite Firming Complex, our only beauty supplement with added vitamin C, French Melon, ceremides and collagen.

And if you are still on the lookout for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, the Infinite by Forever Advanced Skincare System makes for a luxurious gift for the infinitely wonderful mum or mother-figure in your life.

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