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Forever Head Office share their life goals

Goals are what take us forward in life, they help you develop and improve yourself and they are personal to you. Not only do goals reflect a person's desires, they also have the incredible power to change a person's life. By sharing or writing down your goals you commit yourself to make them happen. To inspire you, Forever’s Head Office staff have shared their short- and long-term goals below.

Gurdeep Sahota, Marketing 

I have never wanted to be famous or leave a legacy, but my life goal is to make a change in the world and to people’s lives for the better. If I can help one person or even implement a new way of working, this would be a great achievement.

Hellen Empson, HR

I am a ‘wannabe’ dressage rider and my goal is to one day ride at the British Dressage Nationals. So far I have only made it to the British Dressage Regionals but it is work in progress. My role here at Forever gives me the opportunity to juggle my hours so I can compete at weekends and the odd week day. My other goal is to be like the Queen and ride on my 90th Birthday. Working for Forever gives me this amazing opportunity; it’s the best company in Warwickshire to work for!

Chantelle Francis, Complaints and Compliance

My goal was to eventually buy my own property and then I had my first child and thought it would be impossible. Six months after coming back from maternity, Forever helped me with my goal and me and my daughter moved into our first home. Forever staff were always understanding through the process, especially at times when I didn’t think it would happen. The next goal for us would be to buy a house with a big garden.

Alice Powell, Complaints and Compliance

My goal has always been to gain a degree. I’m studying law part-time on a Saturday, so it easily fits in around my Forever commitments. I really enjoy learning how history and individual people have shaped the laws we abide by today! I’m just about to go into my third academic year and am considering my dissertation topic which is a daunting thought, but I’m fairly sure I will be discussing international trade contracts. Studying law has really shown me how it’s important to consider problems from all sides and working in compliance has really helped as I get to talk to different people who have a range of life experiences. I also get to help the company with the knowledge I have gained from my studies.

Emma Smith, Marketing 

My goal this year is to complete a 10K. I originally booked my place to motivate me to run through the winter months and improve my diet, but to be honest I have been eating even more. I have however succeeded in cutting out processed foods and I make as many meals as I can from scratch. I have been training with my sister weekly since January as I hope to get faster before the event and I am now up to the 10K mark which is great. The event is in April, so I have until then to improve even more!

Megan Jayne Park, Business Owner Support

After living on a sun-kissed island not far off the coast of Africa for fifteen years, I decided to move to the less warm and sunny UK. Making this decision was one of the hardest of my life, but for my daughter's future it was worth it. My life goal would be to see her happy and give her joyful memories of jumping in puddles and walking in the countryside. Working at Forever means I finally have a happy balance between my work and home life.

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